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Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues in Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues

The Surface Pro 4 tablet is one of the astounding devices from Microsoft. The tablet comes with many innovative features making it ideal for use in both productivity and entertainment. It was a hugely successful tablet offering from Microsoft and is available in many Windows tablet rentals sites.

Just like most other tablets, the Surface Pro 4 is also prone to numerous issues. Many users have reported several commonly occurring issues while using the device, although these are easy to fix. Below are the troubleshooting tips for resolving the commonly occurring issues in Surface Pro 4.

Windows Hello Not Recognizing

The Windows Hello is a great feature in Surface Pro 4 that uses facial recognition for logging in. Some users have reported that this feature does not recognize them while logging in. For troubleshooting this issue, go to the Start Menu and select Settings. Select Accounts and navigate to the Sign In Options.

This tab can offer numerous adjustments; under the Face Recognition section, select the Improve Recognition option. Choose the Recalibration option and follow the guidelines mentioned in the software.

Note that alternative login methods are also available in case the Windows Hello feature remains unresponsive. The previously set password can be used for logging in to the device.

Audio Issues

Most users of Surface Pro 4 have reported several audio issues such as no audio, distorted audio etc. For troubleshooting this issue,

  • Check whether the device is muted by using the volume controls and mute key on the Type Cover. Audio controls are independent for some of the apps. Press the buttons and make sure that the volume is not muted for any of the audio apps.
  • Update the drivers by restarting the device. For this go to Start Menu and choose the Power Tap on the Restart option for restarting the tablet. This will carry out any new updates to the device drivers and may take some while.

Flickering or Flashing Screen

Flickering or flashing screen is another common issue reported by many users. If you experience the issue in your Surface Pro 4 tablet, update the device by going into the Start Menu and selecting Settings. Tap on Update & Security and navigate to the Windows Update option. Select Check for Updates option and select Install if any updates are found. Perform a restart of the device after the updating is complete.

You also need to disable Hyper V a visual feature on the device by going into Command Prompt located in the Start Menu. Type the command exe/Online/Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V. This will fix the flickering screen issue in your tablet.