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How to Troubleshoot Commonly Occurring Issues in Surface Pro 3

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Troubleshoot Commonly Occurring Issues

Rated as one of the best productive Windows tablets available, Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft has an impressive set of features that make it ideal for work and entertainment. The tablet was highly successful and several businesses and institutions bought them in bulk from Windows tablet rentals and wholesale stores. However, due to its excessive usage for a host of productivity applications, many users have reported several issues that hinder with the functionality of the device.

Most of these errors commonly occur in the Windows Surface Pro 3 device, and can be attributed to some minor glitches or improper setting up of the device. Proper troubleshooting is the best way to determine the cause and thereby resolve the issue completely. Below is how to troubleshoot commonly occurring issues in Surface Pro 3.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

  • Check and reset the calibration of the device by pressing the Windows logo key and typing Calibrate into the text box. Choose the Calibrate option and navigate to the Reset Select it and then tap on Yes, which will then display a list of instructions. Follow it to successfully reset the screen calibration.
  • Consider reinstalling the driver by pressing the Windows key and entering Device Manager. After it is opened, navigate to the Human Interface Devices section and select HID-Compliant Touch Screen. Uninstall the driver for the specific device and restart the tablet.

Surface Pen not Working

  • Consider reconnecting the pen to the device. For that, go to Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and Devices and select Bluetooth. Search for the Surface Pen on the list of connected devices and remove it. Now hold the button located on top of the Surface pen for a few seconds until the green light flashes. This will reconnect the device and it will appear in the connected devices list. Select Pair to reconnect the Surface pen to the device.
  • Replace the battery of the Surface pen with fresh ones. For this, carefully take off the top of the pen and remove the old battery. Put new AAAA battery in the battery compartment and screw back the lid.

Wi-Fi not Connecting

  • Press the Start menu and enter Network Troubleshooter in the search box. Select the Identify and Repair Network Problems option displayed in the results page and follow the steps displayed.
  • Improper setting of date and time can also cause connectivity issues in the Wi-Fi. On the bottom right side of the screen’s toolbar, select the icon containing the date and time. Choose the Date and Time Settings option, and correct the time and date manually.