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How to Pair Surface Pen with a Surface 3 Tab Featuring Windows 10

Remove Scratches from your device

If you have recently bought a Surface 3 tablet from any of the Windows tablet dealers, you should pair a Surface Pen to make the most of the Microsoft device for daily usage. The stylus can be used to jot down notes quickly, take screenshots, or even plan a trip using maps in Windows 10. Below is how to pair a Surface Pen with a Surface 3, a Surface Pro 3, or a Surface Pro 4. Additionally, you will need to pair the stylus in case you have skipped that during the initial device configuration or upgraded the Surface Pen for your respective Surface tablet.

Inserting the Battery

The battery is inbuilt in the Surface Pen in some of the Surface Pro series 2-in-1 tablets from Microsoft. However, if the AAAA battery of your Surface Pen needs a replacement, you need to remove the pen’s purple top and insert the battery into the stylus carefully. Ensure that the battery’s positive end faces the tip, screw it back on once you insert, and you are good to start.

Pairing Process

Firstly, download and install the up-to-date Windows firmware and the pen’s driver in the Surface 3 by navigating to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Restart the device in case Windows prompts you to do so following the installation of both. Then, navigate to Start > Settings > Devices, enable Bluetooth connectivity, and look for Surface Pen in discoverable devices. If the stylus appears in the list, choose the same to Pair it with Surface 3 and you are good to go.

Troubleshooting Steps

In case the Surface Pen is shown as Not Connected in discoverable devices, crosscheck again to see if you the Windows updates have been properly installed on the Surface 3 tablet. If that fails to resolve the Bluetooth pairing issue in the 2-in-1 tablet, try and restart the device and re-do the same process all over again.

The Surface 3 would search for the Surface Pen when you tap on the purple button on the top for seven seconds or so and let go of the tap when a light flashes on the old pen’s middle or the side in the newer Surface Pen. If the pen is now detected in the discoverable devices list, choose it, and tap on Pair to start using the stylus.