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How to Back Up Files and Settings in Windows Tablet to OneDrive

Windows Tablet

Back Up Files And Settings

Among many features in a tablet’s operating system, the feature to back up important data saved on the device to cloud storage is the most admired one, as it will let you restore them whenever needed. Below is how to back up files and settings in Windows tablet ft. Windows 8.1 OS to OneDrive. Note these can be tried on any Windows device provided they are running on Windows 8.1 operating system.

First, navigate to the Start Screen by tapping on the Windows button below the display. Then, scroll your finger over to the right side of the Windows 8.1 device’s display. Slide the finger to the left side to open the Charms Bar and tap on Settings option located at the bottom of the Charms Bar. It is a menu denoted by the cog icon and containing Windows 8.1 icons inside.

In the following menu, tap on Change PC Settings to the lower-right corner of the Windows tablet and then tap on the SkyDrive option. When you enter SkyDrive, choose the third menu from the top and then tap on Sync Settings to synchronize your personal settings on the Windows tablet to OneDrive.

If you are already signed into the Microsoft Account, then Windows will automatically synchronize your personalization settings including the start screen layout and desktop background on the Windows 8.1 device to SkyDrive. The Sync Settings menu also has several other toggle switches of Wi-Fi networks, passwords and favorites – choose accordingly to back up other personal settings.

Once you are done backing up personal settings, tap on the Windows button to return to the Start Screen. Open a folder and tap on SkyDrive option to the right side of the window of the Windows 8.1 device. Then, drag and drop any files into the folder to synchronize the file to the OneDrive storage. If you want to access the file you drop, please navigate to the OneDrive website and login using Microsoft Account alternatively.

OneDrive on Windows 8.1 was formerly known as SkyDrive, as in previous versions of the OS from Microsoft. OneDrive is the cloud storage facility of Microsoft, which requires you to sign in with a Microsoft Account. Android, on the other hand, have Google Drive which needs a Google account login to operate and automatically synchronize the personalized settings stored on Android tablets.