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android phone

Android Phone

How to Delete Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps from Your Android Phone?

The preinstalled app aims to facilitate much as you can start using it from the time when you buy the gadget. These are basically the apps which are of keen importance. However, all the preinstalled apps are not worthy of having in the device. Hence, they must be removed quickly from the device. But how to do so is the main query which must be satisfied for having the beneficial outcomes. Let us have a glance at how to delete the unnecessary pre-installed app from the Android phone.  Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps: The usefulness of the app is dependent on [Read More]
android phone

Tips to lock individual apps on android phone

You can increase its security by locking individual apps on android phone and tablet. Remember, you have to increase the security of your phone by locking each app. People find it irritating when everything asks for a password. If you want to increase the security of your device, you must bear this irritation. Some apps in your gallery need a special password. Messaging and emailing apps hold private and sensitive data; therefore, you have to lock these apps. Android allows you to do this. Here are some simple instructions: Smart App Protector You can use a freeware “Smart App Protector” [Read More]