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WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature now available on android

Using Fingerprint Unlock

It is easy to lock WhatsApp with its unique fingerprint security on Android. This feature is also available for your tabletBy turning this feature on, you have to use your fingerprint and unlock this app. It becomes necessary to use even after unlocking your phone. In this way, you can take your security to another level. 

Initially, this update is available in different regions. After its arrival, WhatsApp will be able to toggle additional security within its security menu. With this option, your app will remain unlocked for almost 30 minutes after its use. You can use a toggle to avoid the content of messages in notifications.

 On iOS devices, this feature needs the support of Face ID and Touch ID. Android is limited to fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. Pixel 4 users can’t use this feature at this moment.

Set up Fingerprint Lock for Android

Before setting up this lock, you have to update your WhatsApp to 2.19.221 version or above. After updating a version, you have to follow these steps for fingerprint authentication.

  • Open your WhatsApp – click vertical dot icon on the right-top and check Settings.
  • Now check Account – Privacy – Fingerprint Lock.
  • Next screen will help you to turn on “Unlock with Fingerprint”.
  • Moreover, set the duration to use your fingerprint to unlock this app. Feel free to choose immediately, after one minute or after thirty minutes.
  • You can pick if you want to display message content and message sender in notifications.

Settings for a tablet can be different. You can change automatic lock duration as per your needs. Set up this lock on your smartphone with the Android operating system. It will increase the security of your WhatsApp messages and media content.Using Fingerprint Unlock

Make WhatsApp Secure

WhatsApp is a famous app for instant messaging. With its end-to-end encryption, it can be a safe platform for video and voice calls. If you want to increase the security of WhatsApp in your device, here are some easy methods.

Encryption for Conversations

WhatsApp encrypts your chats, but you can double-check it for maximum security. Before sending sensitive details, such as credit card numbers, you have to verify the encryption. Start any conversation with a contact. In your chat window, hit the name of contact and tap encryption. If you notice security code (40-digit pattern), your conversation on your tablet is safe. 

The codes can be verified manually by asking your contact to scan a QR code. Feel free to scan the code of your contact with a scan button. Make sure to use a different messenger to verify these numbers.

Activate Security Notifications

A laptop or new phone accesses a current chat. It can be secured with a security code. The WhatsApp may send a notification with any change in this security code. It allows you to check the encryption with a friend on different messenger to check the security of your  tabletCheck settings to turn on a security notification.