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TunnelBear VPN review: fast, reliable privacy solution for Windows 10

Windows 10

TunnelBear VPN can protect your tablet from security threats. Remember, TunnelBear is famous for its security level, security level, limits and other features. This service offers speedy connections to its users. If you want to avoid security threats, you can choose this VPN.

It will make browsing private from ISPs, hackers and monitoring network. There is no need to think about security issues in the presence of this VPN. Install this VPN and use public Wi-Fi or untrusted networks. Keep it in mind that Tunnel Bear can’t collect information about you. 

Best Features of TunnelBear

  • With a disrupted VPN connection, unsecured traffic can be blocked. It is possible to reconnect safely on a network. 
  • Launches at a startup and stay connected. There is no need to worry about restart or reconnect.
  • If you are not sure to choose an appropriate country, feel free to pick the closest tunnel.
  • Connect the fast servers in more than 20 countries on a virtual private network of TunnelBear.
  • The knowledge base will be available with dedicated support and FAQ.
  • It is possible to defeat VPN blocking with your GhostBear. A VPN connection will not be detectable for ISPs, businesses, and governments.
  • TunnelBear uses AES 256-bit strongest encryption.

Feel free to secure and cover almost five devices. You will get a data limit of 500 MB. Try this free limit and buy extra data packages. With its super-fast speed, you can get maximum protection for your connection.

TunnelBear offers native app support for almost four big devices, such as macOS, Android, Windows and iOS. Moreover, you can get browser extensions for the opera, firefox and chrome. These services may not offer router compatibility; therefore, you have to look at other ways of protection for your router.

Window 10

Kill Switch Protection

TunnelBear allows you to get the advantage of kill switch protection and GhostBear feature. These will help you to make encrypted traffic look regular. It is known as connection obfuscation. The service provider uses GhostBear to avoid issues with the servers. This feature can decrease the speed of your VPN connection. With this VPN, you can connect to over 22 countries. The honeypots are located in these countries. You may not find options to connect to particular cities. 

As compared to its competitors, this VPN is reliable and secure. No doubt, P2P support is available from the service provider, but these activities are for the servers of Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, UK, USA and Canada. For online travelers, it can be a reliable choice. In the presence of this app, you can browse different things on a public network without any fear. It may not help you with P2P file-sharing or streaming.