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What to do if Google Play Store is not working?

Fix Play Store

You will need a Google account to set up this device and access Google Play Store. Sometimes, Google Play Store stops working for numerous reasons. In this situation, you must have special solutions to fix these issues. Here are some common problems and their fixes for your convenience:

Google play store allows you to download games, apps and lots of other things. If you are trying to open it and it is showing an error, you have to troubleshoot this store.

Reasons for Issues

In the first step, you have to find out the actual problem with your Google Play store. Here are some issues:

  • You can’t download apps.
  • Play store is crashing.
  • Apps are not working.

Remember, these issues may arise because of your internet connection. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, you will not be able to access apps. In the first step, try to restart your device because it can solve numerous issues. It will help your device to reset itself and fix a misfire or bug within the Play Store.Fix Play Store

Tips to Fix Issues

If issues of your Google Play Store are not fixed even after a restart, you have to troubleshoot it. See these simple steps.

  • Check the status of the Google Play Store on other devices. Moreover, you can use services, such as Downdetector. It will help you to find out if you are facing this issue or the problem is running with Google.
  • Force stop your Google Play Store to give it a break. In this way, you can reset your device and play your Play Store again.
  • Check your mobile data and internet connections. You can’t access this store without an internet connection. Try to reset your connection or turn off/on Airplane mode of your device. 
  • Enable and disable date and time setting. Android devices use date and time to run Google Play. If these things are not working, you may face some issues with this app. You can do this by going to “Settings – System – Date and Time”. If automatic Time and Date is enabled, you can disable it and then allow it again. 
  • Update services of Google Play Store. With the help of updates, you can fix lots of issues. The background apps need updates; therefore, keep your phone and tablet updatedYou must clear data and cache of the Google Play Store to get extra storage. It will help you to remove invisible bugs from your phone. For this purpose, move to “Settings – Apps and notifications – see all apps” and click on Play Store. Now you have to click “Storage – Clear Cache – Clear Data”.

If all the above solutions are not working, you can consider reinstalling Play Store App and update it again.