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How to get rid of scratches on your Tablet Screen?

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Your top rated tablets will not look good with scratches. Remember, scratches on smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens become normal. Scratches may range from cosmetic grievances to full-blown wreck of a device. These may base on the placement and severity of the scratch. In some worst cases, you have to replace your screen. Fortunately, you can fix moderate and mild scratches at home.

If you want to remove scratches from a screen, feel free to buff them out with glass polish or toothpaste (for a plastic screen). Moreover, try to prevent your screen from future scratches. Here are some DIY methods to make your work easy.

Use Toothpaste (Plastic Screens)

Toothpaste is a must-have product in every house. Remember, abrasive toothpaste can fix scratches on a plastic screen. The screen of top rated tablets is made of glass, so avoid using toothpaste on a glass screen. 

Make sure to use actual toothpaste instead of rubbing a gel-based paste on your screen. If you are not sure about your toothpaste (abrasive or not), feel free to use a mixture of baking soda. This paste can work in the same manner to remove scratches.

Apply toothpaste on your screen with an applicator. The best applicator is a toothbrush, cotton swab, paper towel, or a soft cloth. Take out a pea-sized paste to remove a scratch. Extra toothpaste can create a mess on your tablet. Apply toothpaste in a circular, gentle motion. Once a scratch is removed, you can clean off the toothpaste from the screen of top rated tablets with a damp, soft cloth.

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Glass Polish for Glass Screens

For glass screens, you will need heavy-duty solutions. Baking soda or toothpaste may not work on the glass of your tablet. This polish is available in a pre-mixed or a soluble powder form. A pre-mixed polish will be a suitable option. For instance, cerium oxide (100g) powder is enough to polish the screen of your tablet. 

If you have cerium oxide in a powder form, prepare a mixture by mixing this powder into a slurry. You can mix 50 to 100 grams of powder in some water to make a cream-like paste. It is a cheap option for the screen of top rated tablets.  

Before applying this polish, use tape to block off vulnerable spots. It is necessary because this polish is dangerous for your charger input, headphone jack, speaker, and other holes in your phone. Moreover, it can harm your camera lens. To avoid these issues, cover up all vulnerable spots with tape. 

Use a smooth polishing cloth to apply this polish to scratched areas. Rub this area in circular and vigorous motion for almost 30 seconds. Use the opposite side of a cloth to remove this mix. If you want to repeat this process, dab your polishing cloth in polish again.

Avoid hard movements and give a follow-up clean to your phone after removing the scratch. Quickly clean the remaining area of your phone with the polished cloth and wipe your tablet’s screen properly. Use a tempered glass protector to protect your screen from scratches in the future.