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These equalizer apps will help you listen to more quality music on your android phone

10 inch tablet

Want to buy a tablet with great features but at a reasonable price? This is really not difficult now to buy the 10 inch tablet with impressive features, stylish design at affordable prices. You can buy tablets from online selling websites. The smartphones, the tablet runs on the Android operating system or iOS. The android smartphones have progressed so much in technology in the last few years. 

What are the equalizer apps?

There are multiple apps on the smartphone for different purposes. One of these apps is equalizer apps. These apps are designed to enhance the sound quality of the android phones. These make the music sounds better and clearer. 

Application of the equalizer apps:

You can download these apps on android phone or android 10 inch tablet.  Following are the applications of the equalizer apps for which these apps are popular and in-demand:

  • The equalizer apps enhance the sound soothing by altering the frequency envelope.
  • The equalizer apps provide amplify the sound frequency and give it a boost.
  • You can also virtualize the sound channels that assist in improving the stereo effect.
  • These apps enhance the vice level, which is loved by the party lovers. This feature works for android 4.4 and higher ones only.
  • There are equalizer widgets present that are placed on the home screen of an android smartphone or android 10 inch tablet.
  • With the help of equalizer apps, you can make your own creatively made presets. To take advantage of this feature, you need to make it work with the audio streaming service and the music player. (Spotify, pandora, Vk are few audio streaming services)
  • There is automatic switching on and off is available.

10 inch tablet

Equalizer and bass booster:

The moment when you installed it fully on your android phone, you can see the bass eq icon on your home page. This is not just the bass regulatory app but also has other amazing features that you can have on an android 10 inch tablet. You can use this wonderful app to adjust the volume of the sound on 15 various levels along with 12 setting area. There can also be the use of the graphics that go with the music. There is one thing that needs to be mentioned that it shows the ads which can be irritating for someone or you can ignore simply. 


It is a free equalizer app that has great control of the five channels. When you turn it on, you will receive the ten presets. For the regular music and sound volume control, this app is best to download on android 10 inch tablet. If you want some fancy features, try out the other equalizer app.

Music volume Eq:

If you want something feels like a professional, try out his amazing app. You can have professional soundboard in this. The changing colors of the buttons from red to green make it look like a real professional soundboard.  It comes with 5 channels and the settings for virtualizer.