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Connect Android Phone to Computer without using a data cable

Phones and Computers

Advanced tablets and phones are available with numerous unique features, including find my tabletIf you want to transfer photos quickly from android phone to computer, you have to connect it immediately. Online platforms allow you to transfer music files quickly. To transfer data, you have to connect your android phone to computer. A secure method is to connect two devices with a data cable. In the absence of data cable, there are other methods to connect two devices.

AirMore to Connect Android to Computer

With AirMore, you can connect android and PC. It is a sophisticated mobile tool to connect devices without using USB cable and network. Use it to connect Windows and Mac. You can manage all files of android on a computer with this method. See these instructions:

  • Search AirMore on the Play Store of Google and download it on your android.
  • Run it and tap “HotSpot” to build a connection for your phone.
  • Connect a computer to the hotspot and enter an IP address in the browser of PC (Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE and Chrome).

After connecting your devices, information of android will be available on the browser of the computer. It shows that you are connected android to your computer without any USB cable or wireless network. You can manage the content of your mobile, such as music, videos, photos, contacts, apps, messages, etc. With this app, it will be easy for you to mirror the screen of your android to computer. 

Phones and Computers

Wi-Fi Connection

Build a Wi-Fi connection between your computer and phone by scanning a QR code. Here are some simple instructions:

  • Connect the computer and android to a similar wireless network.
  • Visit on a computer to load QR code. 
  • Run “AirMore” on an android device and tap scan to connect to scan QR code. It will help you to make a secure connection.

Understand Syncing Procedure

Syncing is a standard term used to describe data synchronization. You may follow a routine to sync data between devices. Remember, iPhone and android devices use syncing to keep similar data conglomeration between different devices. Without this process, it is impossible to share content between different devices. 

Software Apps to Connect Phones

Both android and iOS smartphones feature third-party apps to transfer data wirelessly from their phone to computer. A famous example is the Droid Transfer. It is similar to syncing your phone with iTunes. 

This procedure may need one time USB connection through a USB port. You can ensure data transfer between different devices. Files will be transferred seamlessly between both devices over a wireless internet connection. Feel free to use this software to transfer music, videos and other files.