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Charge Your Smartphone Faster

smartphone and tablet

It can be frustrating always to charge your smartphone or tablet. If you are experiencing a slow charging problem, consider resetting your device. You may not have sufficient time always to charge your phone; therefore, you can use a fast charger. Nowadays, USB-C cables are available. These will help your batteries to get extra power for hanging around.

Always hanging around a charger and phone can be a real irritation. If you want to avoid this torture, here are some easy instructions and tricks to follow.

Airplane Mode

If you want to increase the charging speed of your phone, you have to stop its usage. The network signals can increase the charging time. 

If you are receiving the worse signals, it can affect the charging your phone. Signals can eat your battery; therefore, use airplane mode before plugging your phone into a charger. It will decrease the amount of charging time by almost 25 percent. You can easily access the airplane mode icon from a notification bar. Feel free to turn this option off once your battery is full.

smartphone and tablet

Turn Off a Phone

For fast charging, you should turn off your phone when it is repowering. It will stop notifications, messages and calls. Moreover, they enable a charge mode. With android devices, it is easy to specify the connection after plugging in one USB cable. 

A charge mode may be available in the developer options menu. You can access this option after enabling developer options. For this purpose, move to “Settings-About Phone – Build Number”. 

Immutably tap on a build number for almost seven times. In two presses, the device may give you on-screen countdowns for necessary remaining taps. Go to settings – developer options – choose USB configurations. 

Prefer the Use of a Wall Socket

For fast charging, you must use a charger provided by the company. Plug in this charger in a wall socket for quick charging. Using your USB port on a computer or in your car may be an inefficient charging process. Non-wall socket ports may not offer 0.5A power output. 

With a wall socket, you can get 1A charging. There is no need to worry about the lower amperage. It may not harm your phone, but increase charging time. 

Power Bank

To recharge your phone, you can trust a power bank. This device can be a lifesaver. Numerous power banks offer similar amperage output similar to a wall socket. If you want to charge your phone at a faster speed, you will need a 2-amp output. Your USB must have the ability to handle the extra power. 

Check out the reviews about power banks before spending your money.