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Apple launched in 13.2 update with a noise-cancelling AirPods

Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods can be an exciting addition for your tabletLatest AirPods feature noise cancelation, immersive sound and in-ear design. These lightweight airpods are easy on your ears. Apple AirPods are best-selling headphones. You can enjoy iconic design, incredible sound and one-tap setup. It fits comfortably with innovative design and flexible ear tips. 

Use their transparency mode and active noise cancellation. You will love this new addition to your life. AirPods Pro joins the current AirPods line to deliver wireless audio experience. Every model uses unique technology so that people can listen to musicenjoy movies and TV shows, make phone calls, interact with Siri and play games. With the magical setup, customers will love the sound and design of these headphones.

Best to Use with iOS Devices

Use them with your iPadOS or iOS devices. AirPods Pro depends on advanced technology so that people can make calls, listen to music, and immediately pair their devices. Sign in to your iCloud accounts, such as iPod touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Get the Advantage of New Design

Revolutionized AirPods offer wireless experience with a unique design. With its lightweight, there is no need to worry about fit and comfort. Every earbud is available with three sizes of flexible, soft silicone ear tips. These can conform to the special contours of your ear for a superior seal and comfortable fit.Apple Airpods

Price and Unique Features

The new model is priced at $249 with lots of notable features. The new model comes with flexible interchangeable tips to improve their fitting. It is addressing a criticism of the actual design debuted in 2016. With this design, you can get the advantage of noise cancellation and improved audio.

A pro model features Adaptive EQ to tune songs for high-quality sound automatically. Moreover, updated touch-sensitive stem permits users to choose between transparency mode and noise-cancellation mode. The new model is available from October. It comes with water-resistance qualities; therefore, athletes can use them. 

New Airpods are available with the wireless-charging case to charge on standard pads. With a charging case, you have to pay extra money. These devices become a popular product in wearable products. Along with Beats headphones and Apple Watch, these can change the meaning of sound for you. New players are working on wireless earbuds, such as Fitbit Inc. and Inc. 

13.2 iOS Updates

Apple also released 13.2 iOS to increase compatibility for iOS AirPods. With this software update, users can disable recordings of Siri, delete history, makes improvements, take pictures and add new Emojis.   

If you need immersive sound, AirPods come with Adaptive EQ. With these devices, you can tune between low and mid frequencies of music as per the shape of each ear. The high dynamic custom range amplifier can produce incredibly clear, pure sound. Take advantage of low-distortion and extending battery life.