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6 apps for Halloween to prank your friends:

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Halloween is at hand, and people are ready to watch scary movies, carve up pumpkins, use scary mobile and take steps to save themselves from Halloween pranks. Although everyone wants to get away with the Halloween pranks, they also want to play trick on others to scare them away. 

As a matter of fact, the event of Halloween is the best part of the year to play tricks on your friends and family. There are plenty of apps that have been designed for people who like to play tricks on others on this even. Here are the top 6 apps that you can download in your tablet for befooling your friends. 

  • Ghost hunting tools:

This app works tremendously by converting electromagnetic signals into human words makes the person feel that he is communicating with the paranormal entities. This app produces creepy sounds just to scare the victim of the prank 

It is very fun to download the ghost hunting tools app in your android and iOS device and prank your friends. All you need to do is download this app in your device, turn off the lights and wander around the house with the scary sounds produced by the app. tablet wallpapers

  • The walking dead:

The walking dead is no doubt one of the best scary apps that you can use to play tricks on your friends on the night of Halloween. The group of people trying to escape the attack of zombies in America is the main theme of the app. 

Scary pranks:

The scary prank has a traditional and old yet very entertaining method to prank the friends. There are images and videos to focus on which all of sudden convert to scary images. The user of this app can also make a scary phone call to the person to shock him 

  • Voice changer with effects:

The most common way used by people on most of the Halloween events is to scare people with creepy sounds. Different sound effects enable the user to change the sound in different ways and prank the friends. 

  • Ghost prank:

There are numerous apps that are being used these days to prank the children and friends. Ghost prank is one of them. Through this app, you can convert a simple picture into a scarier one by adding different effects and sounds

  • Scare your friends:

This app is used to scare the hell out of the person. All you need to do is choose a scary picture and set a time for it to appear on the screen of the person you want to scare. It will be seen by the person as if he has set the tablet wallpaper of this picture.