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5 Google Maps Hacks that Make your Traveling Life Easier

amazing tablet

Who does not want to enjoy their reliable and durable  tablet! These are massively amazing and beneficial to be used for smooth traveling. Traveling is such a hobby that is associated with peace of mind and positivity. It amazingly deals with different sorts of negativity, stress, and tensions of life. Hence, you must adopt this habit and explore the most adorable and astonishing places in the world.

Travel lovers should have Google maps in their gadgets so that they approach their desired destination. The changes of being lost in the way are dealt with perfectly if you consider using Google Maps. 

Save Maps:

What if you do not have any mobile data or WiFi? How would you approach your destination? Well, it is pretty simple! With the Google Maps Hack of “Save Offline Map,” you can access the route quite easily even when you are offline. Save this in the tab of “Your Places” and take advantage of it when required.

amazing tablet

Bus and Train Timetables:

Let us find out the best Google Maps Hacks to facilitate your journey. Surely, no one knows the timetables of buses and trains. Only those who travel to the same place via different conveyances can have an idea about this. While the strangers are fully unaware of it. Why wait for long! The Google Map Hack indicates that touching the train icon is ample for getting information about its timetable. It would let you know about the arrival time of the train or bus at your desired route.

Enlarged View:

You do not need to pay extra attention and effort to zoom the route. Google Map Hack allows you to view the zoom version of your desired destination with the facility of two taps. Simply tap the screen two times so that it provides you a bigger view for exploring the more nearby places. A single finger is ample for a zoomed view. Swipe it up and down as per your choice. 

Avoid Traffic Jams:

Google Maps saves much of your time by avoiding traffic jams. Red is the mark which indicates that busy roads with traffic jams. However, the green lines of Google Maps provide you with facilitating the route to travel.  Download as many apps as you like on your tablet.

Parking Details:

Google Maps hacks perfectly deal with your dementia issue. If you are unable to remember where you have parked your car, then the Google Maps are here to help you out. When you find a suitable place for parking your car, then save this on the Google Maps. For saving the parking location, you just need to tab on the dot, which is appeared in blue color on the screen of Google Maps.

After this, simply navigate the option “Save your parking” and now click on it to get your parking details saved in it.