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Some Tips for Boosting the Speed of your iPad

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The performance of iPad tablets can get slower over time and with increased usage. This is applicable for both older and the newer models. Yet again, it is necessary to restore the performance of these tablets, so that they work efficiently. The tips shared over here will guide you in boosting the speed and performance of your iPad.

Updating iOS

Outdated operating system is one of the most common causes for the slowdown of your iPad. Updating it to the newest version of iOS is the best way to speed up the tablet. The new versions released by Apple come with many fixes and performance enhancement features that will rectify any previous bugs and slowdown issues.

For that, go to Settings and tap on the Software Update option under the General tab to check for any new updates. Then simply follow the steps displayed to update the software of your iPad.

Removing Unnecessary Apps

Apps that you no longer use can take up valuable storage space of your iPad. Uninstalling any unnecessary apps to free up space is a great way to speed up your iPad device. This can have a perceivable impact on the performance of the tablet.

Turning Off App Refresh

After the removal of all unused apps, you can further boost the speed of your iPad by turning off many system features. One such feature is the Background App Refresh option. For this, tap Settings and inside the General tab, set the Background App Refresh option to its Off position.

Clearing Browser Cache

Browser cache can accumulate over time and interfere with the workings of the device. It will result in decreased speeds in internet surfing, and one way to correct this is by clearing the browsing history. You can find the option to clear the browsing data in the Safari browser settings.

Using a Cleaning App

A cleaning app can be the best possible way to boost the speed of your device. It works by clearing the junk files in the RAM and free up space. Download a suitable cleaning app from the App Store. It will notify of the current memory usage and suggest ways for clearing the RAM by tapping on the boost option.

Disabling the Location Service

The location service operates in the background and decrease the performance. Turn it off by going to the Settings menu, followed by the Privacy tab, and setting the Location Service to Off.