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Some Benefits of Rooting Your Tablet

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Many tablet users are afraid to root their tablets because manufacturers keep claiming that this process may harm your device and it might even void the warranty of your tablet. However, many users prefer to take the risk and root their tablets, as it enhances the device in plenty of ways. To clear the cloud, let us look into a few benefits you can enjoy through the rooting process.

It Removes the Bloatware

One of the major benefits of rooting is that the process allows the user to fully control all the applications that are installed on the tablet. This means that you will no longer have to worry about cluttered app drawers and reduced storage space used up by the pre-installed applications. Rooting is the only permanent solution to save your memory space to the maximum and eliminate the bloatware.

Real Backups

Rooting process is the best way to backup your pictures and other important files from your tablet. This process improves the restore and backup options and ensures that you do not lose any important files. Titanium Backup is one of the most popular backup apps used by rooters. In addition to that, these apps also offer you abundant protections, if you encounter any sort of device malfunctions.

Latest Updates

Move to the next level of rooting and install different versions of Android after finishing the backup. Tablet manufactures are pretty slow at releasing the latest Android updates and many users might not like to stick to the same Android version for a very long time. If you are such a user, then rooting offers you an opportunity to enjoy faster Android updates and many more exciting features. However, note that you will not be able to use the official Android updates after rooting your tablet.

Under-Clocking and Over-Clocking

Rooting gives an extra boost to your tablet and makes it even more faster and efficient. Over-clocking the processor of your device will make even mid end devices a lot faster. In addition to that, under-clocking also helps you save a lot of system resources.