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Optimizing Windows Surface Tablets for Enhancing User Experience

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Windows Surface tablets lineup has now become the preferred choice for users searching for a viable alternative to laptops. Their added advantage of extensive functionality and performance makes them the ideal device for all kinds of productivity needs, whether in business or personal use. Available in a range of devices from the most basic RT versions to the powerful Pro ones, Windows Surface tablets represents the future of mobile computing.

Certain adjustments and settings in these tablets can greatly enhance the experience offered to the user. This is especially useful for users intending to utilize the tablets mainly for productivity purposes, which will save time and offers better results. The following are some tips to apply to both the RT and Pro versions of the tablet for optimizing the user experience.

Disable Rotation Lock

Auto-rotation of the screen is a helpful feature that enables the screen to flip horizontally or vertically according to the aligning of the device. Yet in most cases, this rotation feature can often cause disturbance to the user.

To disable this feature of auto-rotation in your tablets, bring forth the settings panel by swiping in from the right side of the screen. Tap Settings and select the Screen option. Now tap on the small screen icon containing arrows located atop the white bar. This will lock the rotation feature of the tablet. For enabling the feature, simply repeat the above-mentioned steps.

Split the Screen

The ability to view two apps simultaneously on the screen is one of the most notable features of Windows Surface tablets. This saves time and offers convenience by avoiding the need to switch back and forth each time when using two apps.

To enable this feature, open the required app first, return to the home screen and then open the second app. With the two apps open, drag from the top of the screen until the screen shrinks to the size of a small tile. Drag this tile icon to the left side of the screen and release. For the second app, drag from the left of the screen and open the app in the second half.

Set Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours is a useful feature in Windows Surface tablets, which prevents any disturbance to the user in the form of alerts and messages at night. To enable the Quiet Hours feature, swipe the charms menu and open Settings. Tap on the Change PC Settings and select the Search and Apps option on the left side. Tap on Notifications to enable the Quiet Hours feature.