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How to Setup and Use FaceTime on your iPad

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Use FaceTime On IPad

FaceTime is a popular feature in an iPad that allows you to make both video and voice calls. Using this, you can do video conferring with your friends or engage in live discussions related to business. It comes preinstalled on your iPad and uses your specific Apple ID to work. With this feature enabled, you can make calls with your friends and family who owns Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Below is how to setup and use FaceTime on your iPad.

Enabling FaceTime

In order to use FaceTime, you must first turn it on in your iPad. For this, open the FaceTime app by going into Settings > FaceTime. Toggle the button located left of FaceTime to On and then sign in to the feature using your Apple ID. It is necessary to register your email address in FaceTime. For this, go to, Settings > FaceTime > Use your Apple ID for FaceTime and then sign in to the service using your designated Apple ID.

Making a FaceTime Call

After you have turned on FaceTime, you can make a call easily to any of your friends or family. Before that, make sure that your iPad is connected to the internet and this can be either via a Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connection. To do this, first open the FaceTime app, which will also turn on the front camera along with and displays what it is covering. Usually, there will be a menu located on the left that contains any of the recent calls that you have made.

It will be empty if you are using FaceTime for the first time. To make a call, tap in the field that displays Enter Name, Email, or Number and type in the name of the person whom you wish to call. It must also be made sure that the name is included in the contacts list. When you begin typing, the matching contacts will appear below the input box. If you do not have the name of the person in your contacts, you can simply type in their phone number to make the call.

There will be two buttons on the right side of the contacts indicating a video camera and a handset. Simply tap on the Camera button to place a video call. You can make a voice call to the person by tapping on the Handset button. The camera button appears grayed out if the selected contact that you wish to contact is unavailable in FaceTime.