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How to Print Wirelessly from an iOS Powered Device

If you are a work-at-home guy or a student, the printer will be an important part of your day-to-day works. The problem here is that you might not be at your desktop PC always when you need to print something. However, if you spend most of your time on iOS powered devices like an iPad or an iPhone, you will be able to print wirelessly from the device to a printer making use of a native feature called AirPrint.

You will be able to use the AirPrint feature even if your printer is not compatible with the same. However, if you have an AirPrint compatible printer, the setup will be much easier. You can visit the support page of Apple to find if your printer is compatible.

AirPrint Compatible Printer

If you have an AirPrint compatible printer, then the setup will be simple. You need to connect the printer and the iPad or the iOS powered device that you are using to the same network. That’s it. The setup is complete. To test the connection:

  • Open a note in the Notes app on the iOS powered device.
  • Touch the Action button (a square button with an arrow) and choose Print.
  • If everything is okay, your AirPrint compatible printer will appear as the chosen device.
  • If it is not shown, you need to tap on Printer field and wait for the device to scan.
  • Tap on the printer name when it is displayed and hit on the Print

The note that you are trying to print will be sent to the printer immediately. However, the speed of transfer might vary with depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network.

No AirPrint Compatible Printer

If your printer is not compatible with AirPrint, you can use any downloadable program that would make your iPad think that the printer connected to your computer is AirPrint compatible. Therefore, instead of communicating directly with the printer, the iPad will connect to the printer through the computer. O’Print is such a program that is compatible with Windows Operating System, whereas HandyPrint would be the best program for Mac users.

After installing, the program will display the list of printers that are installed on the computer. You can enable the one that you want to print to from your iPad. For most of the users, it will be a single printer, but if you have more than one printer, you can enable all of them. Keep in mind that for this setup to work, you need to keep the computer powered on and connected to the same network as the iPad.