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How to Enable Apple Siri and iCloud Syncing

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Enabling iCloud Syncing

Apple Siri understands the users’ varied interests and keeps a tap on how each patron uses multiple Apple devices. What Siri learns about a particular user is synchronized across multiple Apple devices including iPad tablets via iCloud and that will keep the data across multiple OS platforms up-to-date.

Synchronizing Data with Mac PC

First, log in to iCloud using the Apple ID on the Mac PC – ignore if you are already logged in. Then open the System Preferences from the home screen of Mac PC and then click on the iCloud icon in the System Preferences pane. Then, check the box close to Apple Siri on the iCloud preference pane. Doing so will let Apple Siri synchronize the data with data accumulated on Mac PC via iCloud.

Enabling Apple Siri and iCloud Drive

Log in to iCloud using the Apple ID in case you have logged out and then launch the Settings menu on your Apple device. Then tap on your profile name as well as the picture atop the screen, and after that enable iCloud drive and Apple Siri by sliding the switch of both to ON state. After doing that, Apple Siri will synchronize the data on the particular Apple device you are using via iCloud.

Enable both features on other devices of Apple as well to make the most out of Apple Siri. The personal assistant of Apple is off by default and enabling iCloud syncing for Siri needs to be done by users who use their Apple account on more than one device.

The watchOS 4 does not have the switch but uses NFC to synchronize the data on Apple Watch’s Siri with a paired iPhone. In Apple TV with tvOS 11 or later, you can use the Home Screen Sync after connecting the iCloud account with Apple TV.

Keep in mind that to synchronize the data in Apple Siri, you will require Mac PC, Apple iPad, and/or iPhone, but the latter two should feature iOS 11 or later. Additionally, note that older version of iOS will not let users sync the data in Apple Siri via iCloud. The capability of Apple Siri to synchronize data via iCloud will secure the users’ personal information existing in more than one Apple device.