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Five Must Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung is one of leading tablet manufacturers in the world and their products continue to attract users from all over the globe. Samsung tablets are affordable, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. They also come in a wide variety of pen options, wireless choice, and sizes. So, finding an accurate tablet for you will not be a struggle.

Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab devices support all of the major Android applications. However, many average tablet users have no clue on what are the best apps for their tablet. If you are among them, then here are a few apps that you should certainly install on your tablet.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is an incredible amateur drawing app, which has an easy interface. This app helps users to bring out the artists in them. In addition to that, this app also makes the most of your tablet’s S-Pen pressure sensitivity. If you love to draw sketches on your tablet, then make sure to try this app.

Xbox iR Remote

Most of the newly launched tablets of Samsung come with a feature known as Samsung WatchOn that controls set-top boxes and TVs. However, the Xbox iR Remote allows users to take control of the IR port in their Xbox. If you are a person who uses his/her Xbox as your main video player, then you will certainly need Xbox iR Remote app.


Many Galaxy Note users recently complained that they are finding it difficult to type long texts and documents on their tablet. You can easily overcome this issue by installing the note-taking app, Papyrus, on your device. This incredible app also supports the pressure sensitivity of S-Pen.

Samsung Smart Camera

Many users are not aware of the fact that the Wi-Fi-connected cameras of Samsung have special powers, particularly when they are connected to an Android-based tablet or phone. You can use this app to trigger the camera from far-off as a remote viewfinder and for downloading images.

Kies Air

If you want to control your tablet from your PC or laptop without connecting a cable, use Kies Air. This app allows users to manage everything on their tablet through the PC, and you can transfer files and modify them as and when you want through your desktop computer.