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Effective Ways to Resolve Netflix Issues in Android Tablets

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Resolving Netflix Issues

Netflix is one of the most common streaming apps installed by many tablet users. It is a popular video streaming service that provides the users with access to movies and TV shows. The service is available free during the first month after signing up with a user name and password. This provides an opportunity for the users to access their favorite shows and movies and watch them anywhere and at any time over an internet connection.

However, most users have reported certain issues with the app while using Netflix on tablets such as occasional crashes, unresponsiveness, and freezing. The cause can be attributed to various trivial issues with the app and the tablet device itself. This problem, however, can be easily resolved by undertaking a proper troubleshooting of the tablet and the Netflix app. Below are some effective ways to resolve Netflix issues in Android tablets.

Updating the Application

Updating the Netflix app is an effective way to resolve many of the issues that occur while using it in tablet devices. Most of the issues such as freezing and unresponsive to touch are caused due to many errors in the app. This can be easily fixed after performing an update of the app that comes with numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

For this, go to the Play Store app and select the My Apps & Games section. Navigate through the list of apps until you find Netflix and select the Update option located right next to it. This will carry out an update of the app to the latest version. When done, open the app and see if the problem is fixed.

Clearing App Data and Cache

Clearing the cache and data of the Netflix app will possibly remove many of the issues such as lagging. For this, go to Settings on your tablet, open Apps and then select the Netflix app. Tap on the Clear Cache option to remove the cache and app data from your device.

Note that clearing the cache data will lead to deleting the information stored in the Netflix app. This will also result in losing your saved credentials for entering the app and requires typing in them again for accessing the app.

Reinstalling Netflix App

Reinstalling the Netflix app is another troubleshooting method to resolve any of the issues associated with the app. For this, navigate to the app icon located on the Home Screen. Tap and hold it and then drag it towards the trash bin or uninstall icon. After this is done, go to the Play Store and then download the Netflix app again. This will resolve many of the issues with the app from occurring again.