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Best Tablets for Small Businesses

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In this ever-changing world, tablets are replacing laptops and desktops as the device of choice for many of the small business owners. Tablets can offer easy communication from wherever the user needs to contact someone. Business owners can chat with their clients and customers while traveling, catch up with the messages and mails while having a coffee, or even opt to work from home.

Being more accessible will obviously increase customer satisfaction and help drive up sales. With many brands, selecting the right tablet can be a difficult task. So to help you out, some of the best tablets for small businesses are discussed below.

Google Nexus 10

This is the latest tablet from Google and it boasts of the highest resolution tablet display. The device is lightweight, thin, and very fast, and it can prove to be the perfect device for traveling business owners.

Nexus 10 has a very powerful processor and display. If you rely much on graphics or video for your business, Nexus 10 will offer vivid visual details and sharp text. The biggest benefit of this tablet for small businesses is the video chat feature that is integrated with Google Hangouts.

Apple iPad Mini

This is yet another great tablet option for the always-traveling business owners. If you prefer mobility to size, then this tablet can the best option for you. iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch display and offers the complete iOS experience to the users.

The device ranks high in customer satisfaction, and is the only tablet that offers a wide variety of apps. There are more than 375,000 apps that are designed to work with the iPad. iPad Mini offers FaceTime HD camera, LED display, and video recording in HD.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung offers many quality tablets to choose from, but the Galaxy Note tablet 10.1-inch screen offers the multi-window function to top the line. This feature allows users to resize, view, and move multiple apps simultaneously, and the Air View feature allows users to preview different items without opening them.

This tablet will prove to be a great device for the multitasking business owners. The S Pen feature offered by the tablet will allow users to write on the tablet as if writing with a pen on paper and will help them make handwritten notes.