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A Smart Look into Windows Tablets

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Tablet computers have come a long way since the iPad was released by Apple back in 2010. Tablet computers are now available with operating systems like Android or Windows and both these operating systems offer excellent performance.

The main advantage of a Windows tablet is the wide support range and the availability of productivity software like Microsoft Office. Such a productivity software from Microsoft will help you use the tablet like a computer, and you can even use a Windows tablet can as an easy replacement for your desktop or laptop by connecting a keyboard to it.

Windows tablets are usually powered by Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems and offer a wide range of features and functionalities that make these tablets very much appealing to the users. In addition, you can get a range of apps and software to use in Windows tablets from the Microsoft Windows Store. These tablets are best to watch movies, play games, read e-books, surf the internet, study, work, and many more.

Windows 8 Tablets

We saw the rise of Windows tablets with Windows 8 operating system, as the OS featured new and improved user interface. This operating system focused on a touch oriented navigation method, which means that users can take advantage of the touch screen of tablets to select the necessary program from the program tiles, rather than making use of the Start Menu navigation to open programs.

An advanced Windows Store with more apps was also introduced with the Windows 8 operating system. Like the Apple Store or Android App Store, Windows Store allows users to easily browse, download, or buy new software online.

Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 operating system took over from where Windows 8 OS left. This means that Windows 10 OS can be used as a touch oriented OS or a desktop style OS without any touch elements. This offers a great experience to the users while the OS is being used in tablet devices.

Windows 10 powered tablets also enjoy better bundles of software and apps than the Windows 8 powered ones. In addition, the universal apps allow using the same app across multiple platforms and the biggest advantage is that these apps picks up work from where the user has left off.