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How to create a group email in Gmail?

Samsung Galaxy tablet

You can send a group email with your Samsung Galaxy tablet because of its advanced operating system. The new tablets are available with exclusive features. Remember, you can access Gmail services, iCloud, storage services and several other things. Gmail is a preferred and most used email client. For marketing purposes, you have to send emails to numerous people. It is possible by grouping your email in Gmail. You can create Gmail groups in two ways:

  • Native method (traditional way)
  • Professional method (scalable way)   

You can choose both methods according to your convenience. See the details of both approaches to create Gmail groups.

Professional Method

You can create and send emails periodically for a business and organizational purpose. It is a scalable, goal-driven and productive approach to group an email campaign. A cloud-based email and contact managing tool may help you to create email contacts effectively. Feel free to select a reliable tool from your Play Store.

The professional method helps you to save time and increase your productivity. It is an easy way to manage your mailing list. Make sure to automate personalized emails to specific groups and set-up their behavior, such as automated follow-ups. Check out the steps below:Samsung Galaxy tablet

Create an Email Group

  • Open Google Contacts by typing in your browser.
  • Choose contacts, hover a mouse over a profile picture of contact (or on the first initial) and hit the checkbox that appears on their image or initials. Replicate this procedure with all contacts that you want to add in a group. 
  • Hit the label icon on the top of your page and check a drop-down menu. You can access everything in your tablet. Hit “create the label” you will find this option in the drop-down menu. It will prompt one pop-up window.
  • Type in a name that you want to use for this mailing list. Remember, you will mention this name in the “To” field to address your email later.
  • Tap on save in the bottom of the window to save the list of contacts as one label.

Gmail Inbox

  • You have to visit  and enter your password and email address if prompted. It should be the same account so that you can send a message to your created mailing list.
  • Tap on “Compose” on the left side and open a new window to type message.
  • In the “To” section, enter the name of the label. After entering the label, you will see the name of the group and preview of its contacts. Name of the group will be your email recipients.
  • Now you can enter your message and a suitable subject. After composing a message, tap “send” to send this email to all people in the group.

It is a simple method to send your message to a group of people. For sales purposes, you can use an excel sheet to upload all contacts at a time. To create a sales campaign, you will need third-party software.