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Simple Security Tips to Protect the Data in your iPad

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If you are an iPad user, then the device may be holding some of your confidential personal information like your bank account details, photos, videos, emails, and a lot more. If you don’t know how to protect these valuable personal information and relevant documents, then the simple tips shared below will help you protect the data in your iPad.

Use a Strong Password

One of the simplest ways to protect your iPad is to use a strong password. Choosing a strong password for your device will ensure that other users will not be able to unlock the tablet. In addition to that, turning on iPad’s Erase Data feature will help you to automatically wipe the important data and other files in your tablet after 10 failed pass-code attempts.

Remove Lock-Screen Notifications

If your alerts and messages are visible on the home screen of your device, then there is no point in setting a strong password for your iPad. This means that these alerts and message notifications will be visible to others too. You can effectively solve this problem by turning off the options under the Allow Access When Locked setting. This will help you to remove the lock-screen notifications of your iPad.

Secure Wi-Fi Connections

Most of the iPads and iPhones are automatically connected to the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots by default and this happens even without the permission of the user. This might leave your iPad vulnerable to fake Wi-Fi networks, which may steal your important data. So, make sure to turn on the Ask To Join Networks option in the Wi-Fi settings of your tablet.

Keep the iOS Updated

Apple always delivers regular updates to their mobile operating system and most of them include security fixes. So, make sure to regularly update your device OS to the latest version. You can set your iPad to download and install updates automatically when they are available by switching on the Automatic Downloads option.

Use the 2-Step Verification

Make sure to turn on the two-step verification for your Apple ID account, as it will prevent unauthorized access to your personal profile. The two-step verification process actually requires a code along with your password and it will be texted to your iPad when you request for it. You will have to use both your password and code while signing into FaceTime, iMessage, and iCould.