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How to Wipe the Data of your iPad Remotely

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Wipe Data Remotely

iPad is one of the most reliant tablets that are currently available in the market. It comes with numerous features, which are quite useful during specific cases. One such useful feature in iPad is the Find My iPhone option that enables the user to locate and remotely delete the contents in case if the device is lost or stolen to prevent misuse.

Moreover, it can also be used to track and locate the devices that are offered to the users by tablet rentals companies. Remotely erasing the data must be done after first trying to track and locate it through the Find My iPhone map or by using the identifying sound. Otherwise, erasing the device remotely can render the two options unavailable to the users. Below is how to wipe the data of your iPad remotely.

For remotely wiping the data on your iPad,

  • Sign in to your iCloud account from another iOS device or through a web browser. This will then bring up a list of the available devices that are added to the Find My iPhone
  • Select the device name that you want to remotely erase, then tap on the Actions button, and choose the Erase iPad
  • You will then need to enter the required credentials such as your Apple ID and password that you used with the device.

For iPads that run on the latest versions such as iOS 7 or later, there is also the additional option of adding a call back number and a text message. These messages will then be displayed on the iPad screen after the erasing process is completed.

The iPad that you scheduled to wipe will be indicated by a green dot if the device is online. This indication appears as a green dot located beside the name of the device in the list. The remote wiping of the data in the iPad will commence as soon as the device is online and a confirmation email will be sent that states about the erasing of the device.

In case if the iPad is offline when the remote erase option is activated, the device will be wiped when it comes online through a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. There is also an option to cancel the erasing process when you happen to find out your lost or stolen iPad. For this, select the device in Find My iPhone option and choose the Stop Erase Request, which will require entering the Apple ID and password again.