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How to AirDrop Contacts and Other Files from Compatible iPads

IPad Tablet

AirDrop File Transfer

The AirDrop feature on iOS 11 will let you share files, like media files or Contacts, wirelessly across iOS devices with ease. The feature uses Bluetooth to a form a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection for sharing files in between the iOS devices, provided that they are within range for AirDrop to detect a good Wi-Fi connection.

Most of the time we may send photos, contacts, or other files as an e-mail to a friend, which is easy. However, if he or she were close by, using AirDrop would be much easier for sharing files on an iPad tablet ft. iOS 11. You can AirDrop photos or a website link from iOS to a friend’s device, which will be great if they need to bookmark and read the content.

Each iOS device will create a network firewall around the connection, and hence, you can AirDrop files in an encrypted form as well. If you have a compatible iPad tablet or an iOS device running on iOS 11, you may want to know how to enable AirDrop via Control Center. This will make file sharing much simpler.

Control Center is a quick setting and you can access the panel by sliding up from the bottom of the screen. Once Control Center appears on your iPad tablet, you will get quick accesses to toggle on or off AirDrop.

Both iOS devices will need AirDrop activated to share files, so ensure you enable Contacts Only in the receiving device. It shall be noted the setting will remain as Contacts Only by default on Control Center and this will permit you to AirDrop a file to people in your contact list. If you want to share a file with someone outside of your contact list, tweak the settings to Everyone and then you can proceed to AirDrop any type of files.

You can also navigate to the Contacts app on your iPad and tap on the Share Contact button at the end of the contact information to AirDrop contacts to the other iOS 11 devices. As AirDrop relies on Wi-Fi, obviously file sharing via AirDrop would be as quick as Wi-Fi or other data communication systems like NFC on Android tablets. Moreover, the feature is safer than transferring files via e-mail, thanks to the network firewall.