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Factors to Consider before Deploying iPads in Your Business

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We all know that the iPad device from Apple is a suitable tablet for business users. Yet like any other device, a proper evaluation is essential to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the tablet as a business tool. So let us look into some of the factors to consider while integrating iPad for business use.

Long Battery Life

Many experts report that the battery life if iPad is phenomenal. This has been proven by many independent tests on iPad tablets. It is possible to buy laptops that can work from battery for more than eight hours, but this can be achieved by using bulky batteries.

Moreover, running processor intensive applications and demanding multimedia files will cut away many hours off the estimated battery life and runtime of the device.

Single Tasking

Experts say that Apple’s iPad is pretty much a device for single tasking. The device has an instant response on touch and supports multi tasking, but unlike computers that are powered by the Windows or Android operating systems, the design criteria behind the iOS says that the applications are designed to work independently.

It is possible to switch between tasks, but it is not optimal as a desktop computer or laptop. Nonetheless, at such a small size, the capabilities offered by iPad for businesses are tremendous.

Inability to Secure

iPads do not come with mechanisms like the Kensington security slots that can be used to secure the hardware. Laptops and many of the desktops can be secured, when they are deployed at publicly accessible places, but not the iPads. There are alternative solutions to the problem, but solutions are very costly. It would be better to rent iPad and see how it goes well for your needs before considering any big investments.

Instant-On Capability

Like the other Apple devices like iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad tablets turn on real fast. The startup speed of the device beats even a solid-state drive equipped Windows 7 laptop.

Studies show that users like using those devices that are accessible immediately when compared to those that takes up some time for the “boot up.”

Wireless-Only Connectivity

Unlike desktops, laptops, or netbooks, the connectivity of iPads is wireless only. Wi-Fi is an essential factor to offer connectivity to iPad devices, and so, it is an essential factor while using iPads.