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5 Cool Things you can do with your Old iPad

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Have you recently bought a new, upgraded iPad device? What will you do with your old iPad? Of course, you can give it to your gadget-deprived in-laws, but as a tech enthusiast, you may prefer to explore the varying possibilities of your old hardware. In fact, the hacks and mods that are discussed below will offer a second life to your old gadget.


Bored engineers at Yelp have come up with a way to combine two of their favorite things, the beer and the iPads. You just need to swipe an ID card to make the iPad-controlled fridge to dispense beer. In addition, the iPad will offer you details on the drink on the tap, the temperature of the drink, and the number of pints served by the machine. This is the ultimate iPad modification for beer lovers.

In-Car Entertainment

It is true that your old iPad is outdated, but it does not mean that the device is inferior to your in-car entertainment system. Your old iPad might even beat the entertainment system in your car and you can replace it with the iPad device. This will offer you high-end entertainment on the go.

Safe Biking

Your old iPad can offer you ultimate safety while biking. You can combine the iPad with the Sprocket app to maximize your safety while biking. You can sew a custom case for the device at the back of your jacket and then fix the iPad to the custom case before hitting the streets. The iPad will display warning messages to ensure safety of the bike rider.

Portable Web Terminal

iPads are much portable and it will be great to cozy up with the iPad on the couch, but the design of the gadget makes it very easy to stick it anywhere. This will help you turn your wall, fridge, stove, or cupboard to a smart device and a portable web terminal. In fact, you can transform your kitchen cupboard into an interactive web terminal in minutes.

iPad Cardboard Arcade Console

Get a cardboard box and an Arduino board to set up your own iPad cardboard arcade console. If you find that you still have time to spare, you can go for some other nice looking casing material and try replicating the arcade design as you like.