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5 Reasons to Ditch Chrome for the Vivaldi Browser on Android

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An advanced browser is available for Android refurbished tablets and other devices to ditch chrome. Unlike iOS, you will get several browsing apps for Android. Chrome is a popular option, but now Vivaldi browser is available with numerous innovative features. From tab grouping to mouse navigation, you will find it viable. For your mobile, a beta version of Vivaldi browser is available for Android. Here are some main reasons to ditch Chrome for Vivaldi.

Sync from the Desktop

Syncing bookmarks and passwords between mobile platforms and web browsers is an important trick. With Vivaldi, you can make this procedure easy. This new browser allows you to jump from a laptop to phone.

The desktop,  tablets and mobile versions of Vivaldi allows you to click or tap of the icon of cloud to deal with all open tabs. It is possible to link these tabs by a Vivaldi account. It is possible to switch devices easily. Everything will take a few minutes to sync under end-to-end-encryption protection. As a result, you will get peace of mind.

Easy Way to Take Notes

Vivaldi is reliable to take notes when researching online. You can move text between sites easily. For Android, this new browser has a unique feature to take notes. Panels button and notes icon make things easy for you.

However, it is not an advanced app to take notes, but you can save time with this integrated feature. It is possible to create notes from websites. Choose some text in a page and hit copy directly to note. A search tool will help you to search for notes in your tablet.refurbished tablets

Speed Dial on Favorite Sites

Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner works on Vivaldi. He is the former CEO of Opera, so users of Opera are familiar with the speed dial. You will get the same concept in Vivaldi. Get instant access to your favorite websites. You can access them from anywhere for Android in Vivaldi with one click on the navigation bar. 

Your Android operating system will support this browser. It is possible to create a folder for your speed dial page. A separate folder for entertainment sites and another folder for tech sites can make your life easy. Folders and links of Speed Dial allow you to synchronize between different devices.

Screenshot a Website

With Vivaldi Android, you can easily take a screenshot of a webpage. Remember, this job can be tricky for other browsers. Interface elements of browsers can make things difficult for you. Vivaldi is available with a built-in screenshot tool to capture the entire site from the top – bottom.

Pick “Capture Page” from the browser menu of Vivaldi and get the option to grab your webpage. You can save a gallery on your smartphone.

Moreover, tab management will be easy with Vivaldi. It is intuitive on small screens. Overview of tabs allows you to jump between synced tabs, private tabs, open tabs and closed tabs. It is easy to control tabs with one click.