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Troubleshooting a Dim Laptop Screen – Here’s the Solution

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Do you want to solve brightness issues on your deviceYou must read this troubleshooting guide. With this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot a dim laptop screen. Laptop screen issues are common among computer users. Sometimes, screens go blank or bring up black or blue screen errors or have lines. These issues are related to lighting. Sometimes, a screen brightens or dims randomly. 

In this situation, corrupt display drivers on a computer can be the main culprit. Before using a solution, you have to check these things:

  • Check the model and make of a laptop

Check hardware and software changes. Keep in mind that laptop screen brightening and dimming issues are common because of incorrect or corrupt power settings. Here are several options to solve this problem.

Power Troubleshooter

You can use power troubleshooter to solve this issue. If you want to run a power troubleshooter, see these steps:

  • Right-click to “Start”
  • Choose “Control Panel”
  • Go to the top corner and change “View by” to “Large Icons”.
  • Tap “Troubleshooting”.
  • Tap on “View all” on the left panel. 
  • Tap on the power and follow prompts to run this power troubleshooter

If the issue (brightening and dimming) persists, you can modify display settings.

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Display Settings of Laptop

You must check screen display settings. You can ensure these settings to get the best display on the monitor.

  • Right-click “Start”
  • Choose “Control Panel”
  • Open “Appearance and personalization – Personalization control panel”.
  • Tap “adjust screen resolution”.
  • Open “resolution” and tap the drop-down (arrow) laptop screen.

Set the recommended resolution because it is suitable for your screen. It will be the highest resolution for your laptop screen. Feel free to set contrast and brightness from monitor controls. For the display of a laptop, you can make adjustments under the power options of windows. To adjust power options for your android tabletsee these instructions:

  • Open start
  • Choose control panel
  • Move to the top right are and change the size of icons to large
  • Tap “Power Options” and change settings in the control panel.

Update Card Drivers 

You have to update display drivers by going to “Start – type device manager – choose the first result”.

  • You may be encouraged for administrator password and permission. Enter this information and tap continue.
  • Go to “Display adapters”.
  • Double-tap the entry of display adapter  

Now you have to update driver software with a device manager. 

Update ACPI Latest Drivers

You will need the website of the device manufacturer. Make sure to download a new copy of the driver and remove the current one from your computer. If your device is not working, you can find drivers for this device and see updates in these ways:

  • Visit the website of the manufacturer and download the necessary drivers.
  • Go to the website of a device maker to find the desired drivers.

If the name of the drivers is unknown, you can check a device manager. Check the properties of device and pull-down hardware identity. Find drivers for a particular manufacturer and install on your latest laptop PC.