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Apple Airpods

Apple launched in 13.2 update with a noise-cancelling AirPods

Apple Airpods can be an exciting addition for your tablet. Latest AirPods feature noise cancelation, immersive sound and in-ear design. These lightweight airpods are easy on your ears. Apple AirPods are best-selling headphones. You can enjoy iconic design, incredible sound and one-tap setup. It fits comfortably with innovative design and flexible ear tips.  Use their transparency mode and active noise cancellation. You will love this new addition to your life. AirPods Pro joins the current AirPods line to deliver wireless audio experience. Every model uses unique technology so that people can listen to music, enjoy movies and TV shows, make phone calls, interact [Read More]
Faster Videos on tablets

5 Best 4K Video Downloaders

Nowadays, you can stream 4K videos on your tablet. Special 4K HQ downloaders are available to download videos. These downloaders work well on different platforms. With the best downloader, you can download playlists and videos. Here are 5 best 4K video downloaders. 1. Airy Airy is a reliable method to download high-quality 4K videos. You can use this downloader program to download videos from YouTube. It is really simple to use because you have to paste a link and the downloader will start its work.  This downloader can grab a channel and playlist from YouTube. Feel free to paste multiple links [Read More]
Using Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature now available on android

It is easy to lock WhatsApp with its unique fingerprint security on Android. This feature is also available for your tablet. By turning this feature on, you have to use your fingerprint and unlock this app. It becomes necessary to use even after unlocking your phone. In this way, you can take your security to another level.  Initially, this update is available in different regions. After its arrival, WhatsApp will be able to toggle additional security within its security menu. With this option, your app will remain unlocked for almost 30 minutes after its use. You can use a toggle to avoid [Read More]
amazing tablet

5 Google Maps Hacks that Make your Traveling Life Easier

Who does not want to enjoy their reliable and durable  tablet! These are massively amazing and beneficial to be used for smooth traveling. Traveling is such a hobby that is associated with peace of mind and positivity. It amazingly deals with different sorts of negativity, stress, and tensions of life. Hence, you must adopt this habit and explore the most adorable and astonishing places in the world. Travel lovers should have Google maps in their gadgets so that they approach their desired destination. The changes of being lost in the way are dealt with perfectly if you consider using Google [Read More]
top rated tablets

How to get rid of scratches on your Tablet Screen?

Your top rated tablets will not look good with scratches. Remember, scratches on smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens become normal. Scratches may range from cosmetic grievances to full-blown wreck of a device. These may base on the placement and severity of the scratch. In some worst cases, you have to replace your screen. Fortunately, you can fix moderate and mild scratches at home. If you want to remove scratches from a screen, feel free to buff them out with glass polish or toothpaste (for a plastic screen). Moreover, try to prevent your screen from future scratches. Here are some DIY methods to make [Read More]
WhatsApp messenger for tablets

How to Stop Your Android Tablet from Overheating?

Heavy apps can decrease the speed of your tablet and make it overheat. For this reason, you will need high-quality apps, such as Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp messenger for tablets. Fortunately, you can use protective measures to avoid possible issues with your tablet. An overheated tablet may run slowly, and it can affect your battery life. Here are some critical steps to save your tablet from overheating. Causes of Overheating Android Tablets Excessive use of the tablet is the leading cause of overheating. With more data in a device, you will have limited space in your device. It may increase overheating problems [Read More]
top 10 tablets

Why Students Should Have a Tablet Not a Book?

Tablets have assumed control over PCs and laptops at work and course books in certain schools in the US. The top 10 tablets currently fulfill all the requirements to be a solid replacement of a good laptop. While we are caught up with writing down the evil impacts of innovation on kids, further developed countries are supplying kids at schools with tablets instead of course readings. Can the equivalent be adjusted in Indian schools excessively to give better learning help to youngsters?  Focal points of tablets over course reading books It’s a fun method for learning and keeps youngsters inspired [Read More]
best deals tablets

The Essential Guide to Buy Business Tablets

This particular tablet buying guide can help you find the best deals tablets for your company, even if you are not a seasoned tech consumer. Regardless of whether you want a streamlined Android tablet for playing games and watching movies, an effective PC tablet with a removable keyboard, or even a rugged, water-resistant device having a high-resolution display screen, we have got your back. Although other sites will give you top-10 lists as well as sponsored content pieces for suggested devices, the best tablet buying guide sets the power as well as understanding in your hands so that you can [Read More]
low prices tablet PC

Top 3 Tablets with Maximum RAM and ROM

Among the entire low prices tablet PC some are very popular just because of the way they look and some are popular because they have great cameras and other apps. While there is a third category that might not offer the other mentioned advantages fully, they do offer great ROM and RAM.  This article is about cheap prices tablet PC that have good RAM and ROM. All you have to do is to keep in mind the options, the ASUS ZenPad 3S 10, Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 while buying a device. This will make [Read More]
tablet pc cheap discount

Lenovo Smart Tablets with Wireless Keyboards

If you want to find a decent device at tablet pc cheap discount, then you might want to keep in mind these Lenovo 2-in-1 devices. These are excellent devices that can serve you, whether you are a professional creator or want a device for your daily use.  Lenovo X1 YOGA Gen 4 (14”) You might not find this at tablet pc cheap discount. The Premium Product in Lenovo YOGA Tablet line, the X1 YOGA Gen 4 (14”) is a premium 2-in-1 device which is thin, light and premium tablet device. It uses Robust Think Shield Security. It features with 4K [Read More]