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How to Enable Dark Mode in iOS and Android?

In your android tablet, you can enable dark mode because this mode is available for both android and iOS. Microsoft is rolling out a special dark mode for its office apps. It will help you to change the outlook for the web and desktop for numerous months. This mode is live on iPad, iPhone and Android. Here are some easy methods to enable dark mode. Remember, these instructions are common for every mobile device. If you are unable to see dark mode in themes, check updates for your phone. It must be available on 4.0.4 Android version. In the first step, you [Read More]
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These 3 apps will help you to make amazing videos from android phone

If you are looking for 10 inch tablets for sale, then there is great news for you! We have the best deals on 10 inch tablets for our readers so if you are planning on getting a tablet for you then we recommend that you read the article till the end and get the most amazing news and know about the facts that you have never heard of. On great requests of our readers, we have also gathered the most authentic information and details about the best video applications in android tablets. Actually, people usually buy tablets for the purpose [Read More]
10 inch tablet

These equalizer apps will help you listen to more quality music on your android phone

Want to buy a tablet with great features but at a reasonable price? This is really not difficult now to buy the 10 inch tablet with impressive features, stylish design at affordable prices. You can buy tablets from online selling websites. The smartphones, the tablet runs on the Android operating system or iOS. The android smartphones have progressed so much in technology in the last few years.  What are the equalizer apps? There are multiple apps on the smartphone for different purposes. One of these apps is equalizer apps. These apps are designed to enhance the sound quality of the [Read More]
Remove Scratches from your device

Tips to follow to get rid of scratches from your phone

You have to protect your device from scratches. It is easy to do with the help of covers and glass protectors. Remember, a phone in your pocket can easily become the victim of scratches. An accidental drop can affect your device. If you want to get rid of the scratches from the phone, here are some easy and simple methods. Toothpaste It is a simple hack to use actual toothpaste. Remember, gel-based toothpaste will not work. For this method, see these steps:  Dab a tiny amount of toothpaste on a soft, clean cloth or a cotton swab. Rub this cloth [Read More]
Fix Play Store

What to do if Google Play Store is not working?

You will need a Google account to set up this device and access Google Play Store. Sometimes, Google Play Store stops working for numerous reasons. In this situation, you must have special solutions to fix these issues. Here are some common problems and their fixes for your convenience: Google play store allows you to download games, apps and lots of other things. If you are trying to open it and it is showing an error, you have to troubleshoot this store. Reasons for Issues In the first step, you have to find out the actual problem with your Google Play [Read More]
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6 apps for Halloween to prank your friends:

Halloween is at hand, and people are ready to watch scary movies, carve up pumpkins, use scary mobile and take steps to save themselves from Halloween pranks. Although everyone wants to get away with the Halloween pranks, they also want to play trick on others to scare them away.  As a matter of fact, the event of Halloween is the best part of the year to play tricks on your friends and family. There are plenty of apps that have been designed for people who like to play tricks on others on this even. Here are the top 6 apps [Read More]
Apple Airpods

Apple launched in 13.2 update with a noise-cancelling AirPods

Apple Airpods can be an exciting addition for your tablet. Latest AirPods feature noise cancelation, immersive sound and in-ear design. These lightweight airpods are easy on your ears. Apple AirPods are best-selling headphones. You can enjoy iconic design, incredible sound and one-tap setup. It fits comfortably with innovative design and flexible ear tips.  Use their transparency mode and active noise cancellation. You will love this new addition to your life. AirPods Pro joins the current AirPods line to deliver wireless audio experience. Every model uses unique technology so that people can listen to music, enjoy movies and TV shows, make phone calls, interact [Read More]
Faster Videos on tablets

5 Best 4K Video Downloaders

Nowadays, you can stream 4K videos on your tablet. Special 4K HQ downloaders are available to download videos. These downloaders work well on different platforms. With the best downloader, you can download playlists and videos. Here are 5 best 4K video downloaders. 1. Airy Airy is a reliable method to download high-quality 4K videos. You can use this downloader program to download videos from YouTube. It is really simple to use because you have to paste a link and the downloader will start its work.  This downloader can grab a channel and playlist from YouTube. Feel free to paste multiple links [Read More]
Using Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature now available on android

It is easy to lock WhatsApp with its unique fingerprint security on Android. This feature is also available for your tablet. By turning this feature on, you have to use your fingerprint and unlock this app. It becomes necessary to use even after unlocking your phone. In this way, you can take your security to another level.  Initially, this update is available in different regions. After its arrival, WhatsApp will be able to toggle additional security within its security menu. With this option, your app will remain unlocked for almost 30 minutes after its use. You can use a toggle to avoid [Read More]
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5 Google Maps Hacks that Make your Traveling Life Easier

Who does not want to enjoy their reliable and durable  tablet! These are massively amazing and beneficial to be used for smooth traveling. Traveling is such a hobby that is associated with peace of mind and positivity. It amazingly deals with different sorts of negativity, stress, and tensions of life. Hence, you must adopt this habit and explore the most adorable and astonishing places in the world. Travel lovers should have Google maps in their gadgets so that they approach their desired destination. The changes of being lost in the way are dealt with perfectly if you consider using Google [Read More]