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How to upgrade to the latest android version?

For maximum security of your device, you will need a special case and antivirus software. With a hard case for your device, you can ensure its external security against bumps and scratches. To protect internal sensitive data of your device, you will need the latest version of the android operating system. Here are some tips to learn how to upgrade to the latest android version. Connect your device to Wi-Fi. Open Settings. Choose “About Phone”. Click check for updates and if these are available, tap an update button to download these updates.  Based on the operating system, you may see “Install Now, [Read More]
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This hidden iOS feature will help you delete bulk messages

iOS devices come with numerous hidden features. Frequent updates for operating system allow you to get the advantage of amazing features. Users can discover new features over time. Nowadays, iOS 13 is famous among Apple tablet users for its great features. You can use a hidden element to delete bulk messages.  This feature allows you to delete storage-hungry videos, photos, texts and messages from your device with some taps. It is easy to de-clutter your device with iOS 13. Remember, you can still delete messages in an old fashion, such as one by one. For this purpose, you have to [Read More]
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How to Delete Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps from Your Android Phone?

The preinstalled app aims to facilitate much as you can start using it from the time when you buy the gadget. These are basically the apps which are of keen importance. However, all the preinstalled apps are not worthy of having in the device. Hence, they must be removed quickly from the device. But how to do so is the main query which must be satisfied for having the beneficial outcomes. Let us have a glance at how to delete the unnecessary pre-installed app from the Android phone.  Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps: The usefulness of the app is dependent on [Read More]
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Tips to lock individual apps on android phone

You can increase its security by locking individual apps on android phone and tablet. Remember, you have to increase the security of your phone by locking each app. People find it irritating when everything asks for a password. If you want to increase the security of your device, you must bear this irritation. Some apps in your gallery need a special password. Messaging and emailing apps hold private and sensitive data; therefore, you have to lock these apps. Android allows you to do this. Here are some simple instructions: Smart App Protector You can use a freeware “Smart App Protector” [Read More]
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Top Tablets with 10-inch Screen Size

Screen size is one of the main factors that are considered necessary for making a purchase. People are much more inclined towards the best price 10 inch Android tablet in order to potentiate their joy of using the gadget. The 10-inch screen offers them a fabulously zoom version for watching movies and playing games.  Why not relish such big-screen tablets? Let us have a glance at the most amazing big-screen tablet to make a selection for purchase. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Samsung is one of the most popular and fabulous leading brands in selling Android tablets. It sells the best [Read More]
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Top Samsung Tablets with Touch Pen and Keyboards

Low cost Android tablets are much in demand. The curiosity to know more and more about the gadgets is expanding much among adults. The more they know, the more they get excited about it. When it comes to Android tablet, then the Samsung tablets is the one which takes the lead. These are reasonable, too but it does not mean that the user has to compromise on quality. These are worthy enough to be purchased quite quickly as thee facilitate your kid during studies. It is a powerful tool for your office work too. Moreover, taking it to your business [Read More]
7-inch android tablet

Tips to Find the Right Tablet Seller

It’s hard to know which case is best for your 7-inch android tablet, especially when trying to find the bestseller. You have to look into the details of the article given below and find out how to do it in the right way. Read the article below to find out.  Marketplace Search You can simply search the market to get the hard case for 7-inch android tablet, but the search for the best seller is very difficult. You have to keep so many things in mind while doing it because it’s not so simple.  When you are searching the market, [Read More]
best price 10-inch android tablet

How to find the best Price tablet with Best Specs?

If you are looking for best price 10-inch android tablet that will meet  your requirements of a large screen and reasonable price range, then you can simply make a list of the best options available in the market. After doing that, you can filter out which one you will buy. This is very simple, but a little complicated because you have to keep many things in mind.  This article is more about the best price 10-inch android tablets that are known worldwide for their effective and updated specifications. No matter what type of requirements you have from the tablet, you [Read More]
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Best Wifi Tablets on a Low Budget

Are you looking for the best buy tablets? There are some fantastic models available for each person. Tablets are portable and convenient to read email, stream TV shows, and movies and browse the internet. Here are some best options that are incredibly affordable. Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet A future-proofed tablet comes with S-Pen stylish, HDR-ready screen and 6,000 mAh battery. With an HDR display, four speakers, and ultimate contrast ratio, it can be one of the best buy tablets. It can be a productive tool for everyone.  A 9.7-inch screen is useful for gaming, streaming, and writing tasks. To increase [Read More]
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What is Best 7 or 8 Inch Tablet?

If you are trying to buy cheap tablets under 40 dollars, then we have a few models that will interest you. These models will give you the best value for your money. The specs are good enough for the price you are paying. You should consider these models.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Samsung once again gives you the best value for your money. A8 comes with Snapdragon 425 processor with 2GB RAM and a 5000mAh massive battery. The screen is an 8.0 inch unit with a resolution of 800 x 1280. This is not as good as the Apple [Read More]