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5 Portable Keyboards for your tablet

If you have a cheap android tablet, you can improve its productivity if you add an external keyboard to it. If you use your tablet to compose emails, or do a lot of typing work, then it makes sense to buy a keyboard to use with it. The touchscreen won’t last long if you use it to type long documents. To help you out, we have compiled a list of best portable keyboards available on the market. Logitech K810 An excellent keyboard for Logitech it can work with any operating system. It doesn’t matter whether you have Windows, Android, or [Read More]
Cheap Tablets with Wifi

5 Best Cheap Tablets with Wifi

Tablets have become a great replacement to laptops to support a smooth workflow. Many people ask what the cheapest tablet with wifi is. You will need a tablet with a wifi connection for unlimited connectivity. Here are five best cheap tablets with wifi available in the market. 1.    Apple iPad It can be an ideal device for the average consumer. It weighs just 16 oz making it incredibly easy to take this tablet with you during travel. The tablet features a 9.7-inch display and iOS 12. Apple iPad is palm-friendly and affordable for everyone. With A9 processor, 2GB RAM, 2,048 [Read More]
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How to Choose the Best Screen Size

People are using Android tablets in many different size these days. You may find 7, 7.5, and 9 inch android tablets for sale on different online shopping platforms. Choosing the right tablet can become very difficult for people since they  have so many options to choose from. However, choosing the right tablet becomes much easier when people know which factors to take into consideration. Consider the Budget: Choosing a tablet with the right screen size is very critical. When making the choice for the screen size of the tablets you are looking to purchase, keeping your budget it in mind [Read More]
cheapest android tablet

How Will Tablets Influence Mobile Learning?

Now everything is being accomplished much better by the interaction of technology. It is the same with education. Education systems have evolved and are implementing technology in educating students. Tablets are playing a crucial role in this field. Educational sectors now focus on tablets with cellular connectivity. It is playing a vital role in engaging students and teachers in improving the learning of students. Now getting a tablet is very easy. There is the cheapest Android tablet available with many features which can fulfill the demands of students well. Tablets influence mobile learning in a very positive way, but it [Read More]

Two Jailbreaks to Find the Wireless Network Password in Android Devices

An Android device saves the wireless network passwords within the device no matter how often you connect the device to a said network. Knowing the password of your wireless router will be helpful to you if you forget the same, especially if the password is not written somewhere. Another reason why you may want to know how to find the wireless password in Android is to help your friends sign in with their Android tablet to an access point at your home network. Below are two workarounds to find the wireless password by using two Android applications. It shall be [Read More]

How to Download and Install Adobe Flash Player on a Compatible Android Device

Install Adobe Flash Player To install Adobe Flash Player ensure your device features Android 2.2 to Android 4.1. If you don’t know which version of Android your device features, go to Settings > About Tablet or Settings > About Phone. Note that if your device is running on Android Jelly Bean, you will need to navigate to Settings > Security and select the checkbox of Unknown Sources to avail app downloads outside of Google Play Store. Android would prompt you to confirm selection, so tap on OK upon prompt. Now that you have enabled Unknown Sources, open the web browser [Read More]

How to Enable Scheduled Power and USB Debugging on an Android Tablet

Enable Scheduled Power Several people who use Android tablets and smartphones have a misconception that a damaged Power button means the end of the line for their device. It is true that you will not be able to swiftly and smoothly operate an Android tablet with a damaged Power button but it doesn’t mean that you should throw the device away. There are plenty of ways and techniques that will enable you to lock, unlock, power off, and power on your device without using the Power button of your Android tablet. If you feel that the Power button on your [Read More]

How to Restrict the Overall Data Usage on your Android Tablet

Restrict Overall Data Usage You might have repeatedly run into high data charges while using your tablet for internet browsing. This is especially the case if you have never subscribed to the unlimited data plans provided by the carrier and are using other packages that offer limit data. Besides, a newly bought tablet from Android tablet rentals or a retail store might also have data loss not only through internet usage but also by the background apps. Numerous methods are available to you within the Android settings that can be used to restrict the data usage on your tablet. These [Read More]

How to Remove Virus from your Android Tablet Apps

Remove Virus From Tablet Entering Safe Mode will help you to troubleshoot any app in your Android tablet that has been affected by a virus. Much like Windows OS, Android also has the Safe Mode option, which can be used to fix any glitches in Android devices. To reboot your Android refurbished tablet in Safe Mode, tap and hold the Power button for a few seconds, and then choose Reboot once the prompt appears on the screen. If you are on Android Nougat, tap and hold the Reboot prompt until you get a prompt to Reboot to Safe Mode. Tap [Read More]

Steps to Fix Low Memory Issues in Android Tablets

Fix Low Memory Issues Like all other operating systems, Android is also not a perfect operating system. One of the top complaints from Android tablet users is about the “low memory” issues. The Android software can encounter many issues when the device runs out of memory and the issues can be much pronounced in the low cost Android tablets. Worry not – the tips shared below by businesses that offer Android tablet rentals would help you fix the low storage issues in Android tablets. Install SD Card Make sure that you have an SD card installed in your Android tablet. [Read More]