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How to upgrade to the latest android version?

hard case for 7 inch android tablet

For maximum security of your device, you will need a special case and antivirus software. With a hard case for your deviceyou can ensure its external security against bumps and scratches. To protect internal sensitive data of your device, you will need the latest version of the android operating system. Here are some tips to learn how to upgrade to the latest android version.

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi.
  • Open Settings.
  • Choose “About Phone”.
  • Click check for updates and if these are available, tap an update button to download these updates. 
  • Based on the operating system, you may see “Install Now, Reboot & Install” or “Install System software”. Click an appropriate option and follow the prompts.

You can upgrade an android version with some OTA updates. Get notifications from over-the-air (OTA) when the updates are available. Open this notification and click the update action. It will help you to update your android system. You will be able to get the updated version of android. Make sure to connect your device with a solid internet connection. 

Use Upgrade Package to Update Your Device

In normal conditions, the official site of your manufacturer can be the best place to update system files. Users can download updates and upgrade their system. Feel free to check the official website of the android phone to get new updates. Remember, you can upgrade your phone according to its model and brand. After downloading the latest system package, you can store it in the SD card of your phone.

If you want to update your android operating version, make sure to navigate to “Settings – About Phone – System Update”. After noticing an available package, click “Continue” to smoothly download and install a package on your phone. 

7 inch android tablet

Root Your Device to Upgrade a Version

Rooting is a powerful approach to upgrade your android device. If you want to update the current version of an android operating system, you may have to root your device. It will give you great administrator permissions on numerous subsystems of android. In this way, you can update subsystems of android effortlessly. See these details to root an android phone:

  • Download a root app on your device and install it on the computer. 
  • Launch this app and connect your tablet to a computer through a USB cable. Follow the corresponding prompts to root your device. Reboot phone to evaluate the current version of the operating system.

After rebooting your device, it will be easy for you to download and install a new operating system on your slate. Android 10 is available on pixel phones of Google. Make sure to create a backup of your device before upgrading your device.