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How to Increase your Tablet’s Battery Life

buy a 10-inch android tablet

It doesn’t matter if using an iPad Surface or Galaxy Tab; the battery has its limits. However, there are a few things to extend it. The next time you buy a 10-inch android tablet, keep the following tips in mind. They will help extend the battery life of your tablet. 

Dim Brightness

The display of your tablet is filled with a lot of stuff. It drains more battery than you believe. The power to light up your tablet reduces your battery quicker than you believe. If you turn the brightness up, then it will drain the battery in half the time. You can save at least 30 percent of your battery if you turn down the brightness. 

Disable Notifications

When you buy a 10-inch android tablet, you don’t get the beefiest battery around. So you need to make some cuts to make the most out of the battery. Therefore, it’s important that you disable some notifications. It helps you extend the battery life of your device. Notifications have an impact on battery life. 

10-inch android tablet,

To receive notifications, your device needs to be active on different platforms and always checking in. Once it does, it notifies you. This steals the battery life, even when you don’t use the tablet. You should disable the notifications when you are not using the tablet. The world won’t turn into chaos if you miss a few notifications. 

Background Apps

When you buy 10-inch android tablet, make sure you turn off most background apps. Some are important, as they make up a part of the system, but you can disable others. This will help you get more juice out of your device.

You should know everything you run on your tablet uses important resources. This can decrease your battery at alarming rates. Now you can leave things running, but you will notice your device won’t last long without needing to recharge. 

Turn off background app and sync

Once you have turned off background, you need to run of sync. We all love automatic updates, but they drain the battery. You need to keep them in check. You can do this every day or regularly. Just do it from time to time and update the apps manually. 

Reduce Screen Time

The screen time is the amount of time it takes the tablet from going to a portion of showing the home screen to turning off. Once you have it, you need to log back and unlock the screen with a swipe. Your tablet won’t run at full power with screen one, it will return to standby mode, and you will save more power. You should keep this in mind whenever you buy 10-inch android tablet

Disable Unwanted Connections

Wifi, Bluetooth, even Sim, they are all useful by keeping them turned on will take battery life quicker than you believe. It’s best if you turn them off when you don’t need them.