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This hidden iOS feature will help you delete bulk messages

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iOS devices come with numerous hidden features. Frequent updates for operating system allow you to get the advantage of amazing features. Users can discover new features over time. Nowadays, iOS 13 is famous among Apple tablet users for its great features. You can use a hidden element to delete bulk messages. 

This feature allows you to delete storage-hungry videos, photos, texts and messages from your device with some taps. It is easy to de-clutter your device with iOS 13. Remember, you can still delete messages in an old fashion, such as one by one. For this purpose, you have to long-press on an attachment or message and see the action screen. Also you can delete bulk messages by selecting all.

The action screen offers more options. You can tap “more” and your long-pressed message or video will be selected. Check off other attachments and messages that you want to delete. After choosing all messages and attachments, you can tap “Delete Message”.

Easy Two-finger Gesture

  • With the new feature, you can avoid unnecessarily lengthy procedure to delete a few messages. iOS 13 allows you to use a two-finger gesture to skip the initial two steps and choose multiple attachments and messages faster. 
  • In a messaging app, it is SMS (green chat bubble) or iMessage (blue chat bubbles); use two fingers to click on the screen. Once you tap a message, it will be automatically selected. To select multiple messages, use your two fingers and swipe down or up on the screen to highlight content to delete. If you want to select various posts even faster, repeat two-finger tap to choose a message again, but don’t leave the screen. 
  • Swipe your fingers upward and download to highlight text on the screen. Once you are finished, tap trash button in the base to popup “Delete Message” button in an action sheet. Tap this button and you are done.

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Optimized Battery Charging

Users of iOS 13 can get the advantage of optimized battery charging. Regularly charging your battery and keeping it there for a longer duration may damage your battery. With optimized battery charging, you can prolong the battery life of your android phone

With this feature, you can keep your battery at almost 80% for the night. For this feature, you have to move to “Settings – Battery – Battery Health” and activate this feature.

New Scroll Bar

If you are scrolling a website in Safari, the new Scroll Bar will be shown on the right of your screen. It is a handy way to see your last location on a page. Feel free to use it for faster scrolling. You can long-press on the scroll bar and drag it down or up. With faster dragging, you can scroll Safari quickly.