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How to Delete Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps from Your Android Phone?

Android Phone

The preinstalled app aims to facilitate much as you can start using it from the time when you buy the gadget. These are basically the apps which are of keen importance. However, all the preinstalled apps are not worthy of having in the device.

Hence, they must be removed quickly from the device. But how to do so is the main query which must be satisfied for having the beneficial outcomes. Let us have a glance at how to delete the unnecessary pre-installed app from the Android phone

Unnecessary Pre Installed Apps:

The usefulness of the app is dependent on the fact of how frequently it is being used on the device. Unnecessary pre-installed apps are those who are not bothered by the user to be used. They are kept at such in the device but are consuming the space of the device. A plethora of unnecessary pre-installed app makes it hard to have good storage space in the gadget.

Reasons to Remove:

There are several reasons which incline the folks for deleting the preinstalled apps. One of the reasons is the draining of battery at a faster rate. Some people consider it bloatware and want to get rid of it. Many of these apps are consuming much of your data. Another nasty reason for kicking out the pre-installed apps from your device is that people consider this malware or the apps which gather your personal information. 

Android Phone

Method to Delete Preinstalled App:

Deleting the preinstalled app is not that easy as it seems. It is considered almost impossible to kick out such apps from your device; however, you might take steps to disable them. First and the foremost step is the navigation to Settings. Afterwards, tale the apps and notification and explore all the preinstalled app which you want to disable. Then tap on the button of Disable. This action would prevent the pre-installed apps from running on the device.

If you have unnecessary pre-installed app on your home screen, then get it removed from there immediately. The method for this is quite simple. Just long-press on the icon and then drag it to the top of the screen. It would remove the app from the home screen. You can clear as many pre-installed apps from the home screen as you like by following this simple and convenient method.

Titanium Backup:

For the rooted device, removing the preinstalled app is fabulously easier. Get these uninstalled quickly by the use of the Titanium Backup app. This app is marvelously in combating with the apps which are thrown on it. Other apps for uninstalled preinstalled apps are NoBloat Free, and System App Remover. Choose any of these apps for fulfilling your desires.