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Two Jailbreaks to Find the Wireless Network Password in Android Devices

An Android device saves the wireless network passwords within the device no matter how often you connect the device to a said network. Knowing the password of your wireless router will be helpful to you if you forget the same, especially if the password is not written somewhere. Another reason why you may want to know how to find the wireless password in Android is to help your friends sign in with their Android tablet to an access point at your home network.

Below are two workarounds to find the wireless password by using two Android applications. It shall be noted not all Android devices facilitate these workarounds to find the wireless password; they can be found provided the device has root access and use a WEP network.

Using ES File Explorer App

Download the ES File Explorer from Play Store on your Android device and open the application in Android. Then, navigate to Local > Device Folder > Data, and then open the Misc folder. Within that folder, find the Wi-Fi folder and open the file titled wpa_supplicant.conf. It contains each detail regarding the wireless network you connect the device to. When you open the file, look for the text psk= under network={ and if you are lucky, you can see the wireless network password followed by the text.

Using Wi-Fi Key Recovery App

If tracing the wireless password using the ES File Explorer app or any such apps seems a long drawn out process to you, there is also another workaround to trace the password. For that, download and install the app WiFi Key Recovery on the Android device from the Play Store. However, using the app might need rooting the device. This application also explores the system files in Android.

After it is installed, open the app on your Android device and tap on Wi-Fi Key Recovery. In the next page, tap Grant Root. Then, scroll down to and spot the PSK file containing the password. The application would help you spot the wireless network but you shall also bear in mind if you have connected the device to several access points the list may be a long one. If that is the case, then search for the specific wireless network you need to search the password in by using the quick search bar in the app.