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Top 10 Android Apps for Sports Lovers

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There are plenty of applications for tablets available on Android’s Play Store or Apple’s iTunes, which offers tons of entertainment to you. If you happen to be a sports lover, then are numerous excellent applications that are designed exclusively for ardent sports fans. It doesn’t matter whether you are a NBA, UFC, MLB, NFL, or any other sports fan; there is always an app for you.

Most of these tablet apps offer news, stats, analysis, score, expert opinions on the games, etc., and it helps you to stay up to date with your favorite sport. Here are the top ten Android tablet apps, which offer you the best in the world of sports.


WatchESPN is a must-have app for ESPN subscribers, as it allows them to login and access the contents offered exclusively on the network. In addition to that, users can also access and watch ESPN Live with the app.


This sports app has an incredible interface and it offers all kinds of analysis, news, scores, and stats for every sport. In addition to that, the app also allows you to create your own feed.

Team Stream by Bleacher Report

If you are looking to get the stats, analysis, and news of just your favorite teams, then Team Stream is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. The contents used in this app are actually from Bleacher Report.

ESPN (ScoreCenter)

ESPN recently renamed their ScoreCenter sports app to ESPN. This app has an abundant collection of stats, videos, and news and a lot more on every sports team.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports app covers almost all the sporting events in the world particularly the SEC. This is because they have a contract with SEC, which allows them to cover their basketball and football games.

NCAA Sports

The NCAA sports application is an absolute teat for college sports lovers. This app will help you to stay up to date with college basketball, hockey, football, and a lot more.

Fox Sports Go

The Fox Sport Go app allows you to stream live sport games from your local hockey, baseball, basketball, and other teams.

NFL Mobile

The NFL Mobile app offers videos, analysis, draft news, games, and a lot more to you. If you an NFL sports fan, then make sure to download this app as it has almost everything for you.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports app has become a lot better these days, and just like CBS Sports and ESPN, this app covers all the sport events from all over the world. In addition to that, the app also notifies you when a game is about to start.


This award winning official NBA sports app is a delight for NBA lovers and it allows you to watch live NBA regular season games and check the score and related analysis.