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Steps to Format an Android Tablet

Format An Android Tablet

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Formatting can be a powerful solution to fix many of the issues with Android devices. You may need to format the tablet to sell it or to give it to your friends. You may also consider formatting the tablet when you find that the device is very slow and takes too much time to open or run an app.

The steps to format an Android tablet as provided by Android tablet rentals are explained below. However, it is important to make sure to backup the data stored in the tablet before doing the steps, as formatting would erase all the data stored in the device.

Formatting a Working Tablet with Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset of the device is the most preferred method to format an Android tablet, if you are able to use the device normally. For that,

  • Navigate to Settings menu on the Android tablet.
  • Select Backup and Reset option from the Settings menu and scroll down to select Factory Data Reset from the list of available options.
  • Select Reset Device to reset the tablet to the factory defaults.

Formatting a Non-Functioning Tablet in Recovery Mode

If your Android tablet is not booting up completely, you will need to format it through the Recovery Mode. This is also applicable when the device is stuck in a certain screen when you turn it on, if you have forgot the password to the device.

Follow the below-given steps to format the tablet in Recovery Mode.

  • Power down the device and then press and hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons together. You can release the buttons when you see the Android logo. The tablet will get into the Recovery Mode.
  • Scroll down to choose Wipe Data or Factory Reset You can move down using the Volume Down button make the selection with the Power button.

These are the steps to format your Android tablet in case you wanted the device to be fresh as new again. After the formatting of the device is finished successfully, you can restore the data that you have backed up before formatting it.