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Steps to Fix Low Memory Issues in Android Tablets

Android Tablet Rentals

Fix Low Memory Issues

Like all other operating systems, Android is also not a perfect operating system. One of the top complaints from Android tablet users is about the “low memory” issues. The Android software can encounter many issues when the device runs out of memory and the issues can be much pronounced in the low cost Android tablets. Worry not – the tips shared below by businesses that offer Android tablet rentals would help you fix the low storage issues in Android tablets.

Install SD Card

Make sure that you have an SD card installed in your Android tablet. The internal storage offered by most of the Android tablets can be fairly low. Therefore adding an external SD memory card can help you enhance the storage of the device.

You can check the available space in the device by going to Settings and choosing Storage. You can know the total space and the available space in phone memory and memory card.

Use Memory Card for Apps

It will be a wise decision to use external storage (memory card) for apps, as it can help you save space in the internal memory of the device. To move your apps to the memory card, select Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, choose the app that you need to move, and select Move to SD Card.

However, you need to understand that you will not be able to move some of the inbuilt apps to memory card. You can skip those apps and move the others to the memory card.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

The unwanted apps that you no longer use are eating away the storage space in your Android tablet. You can uninstall these apps to clear the low memory issues in the device. To uninstall the apps, go to Settings, select the app that you need to delete, and choose Uninstall. This is an efficient way to free space in any Android device.

Move Media Files to Memory Card

Media files stored in the device can prove really heavy on the internal memory. Moving all the media files (music, videos, etc.) to the external memory can be a great idea to free up internal memory space of Android devices. You can move the files manually by marking, cutting, and pasting them to the card or make use of a file manager app to move media files to the memory card.