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Rebooting an Android Tablet

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Android Tablet Rebooting

Many Android tablet users recently complained that their device is getting rather slow with each passing day. If there are a number of applications on your Android tablet or if the internal storage memory of your tablet is almost full, then you can easily fix the issue by uninstalling a few apps or by freeing up the internal memory of your device.

However, if your Android tablet is continuing to function in a slow manner, then one of the simplest ways to fix the issue would be to reboot or reset the device. Many tablet users often confuse the word “reset” with “reboot”, which means that you should initially understand the difference between a reset and reboot before you try to fix the issue.

A reset will wipe all your data from the device to clear bugs while a reboot will simply restart the tablet. If you are using any kind of software applications to reboot your tablet, then it is a SOFT reboot whereas pulling the battery from the device will come under a HARD reboot because it is involved with the hardware of the device.

If you want to reset your Android tablet to factory setting, go to the Settings menu, click on Backup & Reset, and then select Factory Data Reset option. If you are not able to access the settings menu of your tablet, then there is only one option left for you, which is to reset the tablet in Recovery Mode. Ensure that the device is powered off and follow these instructions to boot your device into recovery mode.

  • Hold the Power button and Volume Up button of your tablet. You will have to press Volume Up + Home + Power in case of Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Continue to press the buttons until the word Start pops up on your screen.
  • Use Volume buttons to scroll to Recovery option, and press the Power button to select Recovery.
  • Press the Volume Up button and the Power button of your tablet if you see a No Command text on the screen of your device.
  • Scroll down to Wipe Data/Factory Reset by using the Volume Down button and then select it using the Power
  • Select Yes to continue with the reboot.

If you find the above steps confusing or if your Android tablet is still running slow after performing a reboot, then seek the help of an expert repair technician to fix the issue.