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How to Unlock the Real Potential of your Android Tablet

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Android Tablets

There are many ways to unlock the real potential of an Android tablet. You can follow the tips and tricks that are shared below to get more out of the tablet that you have rented from Android tablet rental agencies.

Install Custom ROM

Installing a custom ROM will change your Android tablet much, and this will help you have a pure Android experience. With the latest version of the Android operating system, you will get excellent performance and access to latest tweaks. There are many custom ROM installer apps that can walk you through the process of ROM installation.

Get Location Aware

The GPS chip that is used in your Android tablet is much helpful in getting the directions, but many of us do not know that they can also be used to enable or disable many other elements of the device. There are many ways you can make custom location based tasks; for instance, turning the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you are not near your home.

Replace Launcher

If you do not wish to install a custom ROM, you can go for the alternative of installing a launcher. Launchers are interfaces that run on top of the Android operating system, and make your device look different. You can find a launcher that suits your needs to unlock a great deal of customizability, like adding more apps on a page, speeding up the interface, and changing themes.

Unlock Developer Options

You will need to unlock the developer options if you wish to root your device or flash a custom ROM, or install games and apps outside of the Play Store. This is much important if you wish to use Amazon Appstore.

Get Free Play Store Credit

Google has their market research app named Opinion Rewards that offer Play Store credit to users for just taking part in surveys. These credits can be used to buy anything from the Play Store. This includes apps, games, movies, and eBooks.

Usually, the surveys consist of three to five questions and take just few minutes to finish and rewards vary from $0.10 to $1, depending on the length of the survey.