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How to Restrict the Overall Data Usage on your Android Tablet

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Restrict Overall Data Usage

You might have repeatedly run into high data charges while using your tablet for internet browsing. This is especially the case if you have never subscribed to the unlimited data plans provided by the carrier and are using other packages that offer limit data. Besides, a newly bought tablet from Android tablet rentals or a retail store might also have data loss not only through internet usage but also by the background apps.

Numerous methods are available to you within the Android settings that can be used to restrict the data usage on your tablet. These inbuilt tools are quite effective and allow you to create restrictions regarding the overall data consumption of your tablet. Moreover, these settings will allow you to monitor the data usage by individual apps and lets you take the appropriate action concerning limiting its functioning. Described below is how to restrict the overall data usage on your Android tablet.

Allowing Auto-Update via Wi-Fi Only

One of the major reasons for the increase in data consumption in your tablet is because the auto-update feature is enabled to function at any time. This will allow this feature to download the apps installed on your device automatically each time it is connected to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi.

You can limit this by enabling the auto-update via Wi-Fi only option. For this, open Google Play Store and then tap the three lines displayed at the top left of the display. Select Settings and below the General tab, tap on Auto-Update Apps. Then tap on the Auto-Update Apps Over Wi-Fi Only option to disable updates through mobile data.

Setting Data Usage Limit

Android allows you to set the data usage levels in a specific time such as a month. This feature will prompt you with a warning message when your data usage levels exceed the limit set. To set the data usage, go to Settings > Data Usage and tick the box near the Set Mobile Data Limit option.

You can regulate the data usage by adjusting the horizontal and vertical bars. Tap and move the red horizontal bar to set the maximum amount of data selected for each cycle. By adjusting the orange horizontal bar, you can set the warning when the data usage reaches the threshold.

Restricting Background Data

Besides the data usage by using the internet, you can also limit the overall amount of data that your tablet uses by disabling the background data feature in each of the apps installed. For this, go to Settings > Data Usage and scroll down the list to get information about the data usage of each app. Select an app and then tap on Restrict Background Data to limit the data usage of your device.