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How to Play Tricks in Marshmallow and Android Tablets Interface

Android Tablets

Play Tricks In Marshmallow

A majority of people who own Android tablets are using the Marshmallow operating system, but not all know how to play tricks with the Android interface in their device. Some tricks are explained below and if you have just upgraded the Android recently, following them will make you fall in love with the refurbished tablet even more. If you have a fair understanding of how the OS works, playing around with these tricks will be much easier.

Granular App Permissions

This sought after feature has been unleashed in Marshmallow. Navigate to Settings > Apps and then tap on an app and then tap on the switch to tweak App Permissions in your device. If opening each app seems painstaking, then tap on the overflow menu in the right corner of Apps and then navigate to Advanced > App Permissions to view the entire list of applications and then you can see to it which ones have been granted granular app permissions in your Android tablet.

The Easter Egg Game

Navigate to Settings > About Tablet and then tap on the Build Number continuously to find the Easter Egg on Android tablets. After tapping, a billowy widget denoting M would appear on the screen of Android tablet running on Marshmallow. Tap on the billowy widget once to see the Marshmallow-themed Flappy Bird clone. The first timers to Easter Egg app will see a plus symbol atop and tapping on that will allow you to play game simultaneously by adding more players.

The Developer Options

There are a few more options added in Marshmallow 6.0 and users of Android tablets will find that exciting. Navigate to Settings > About Tablet and the tap on the Build Number multiple times until a pop-up notifies you that you are now a developer. Through USB Debugging in the Developer Options, you can connect the refurbished tablet to the PC and synchronize content in the device. Another feature in Developer Options is OEM Unlocking, which will help you to unlock the device’s bootloader.

Further, Android Marshmallow gives you the power to decide whether you want to be notified or not. If pop-up notifications are bothering you, then navigate to Settings > Sound & Notifications > App Notifications and choose the application which notify push messages from time to time, and switch off Allow Peeking.