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How to Backup the Personal Information in Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Backup Personal Information

Backing up data containing in Android tablets will help you to retrieve the backup when the data gets lost or when you reset the device to troubleshoot the bugs. The backup stored remotely will help you when buying a refurbished tablet as well and all you need to safeguard sensitive data is turn on Back Up My Data in Nougat.

Navigate to Settings, then choose Backup & Reset in Nougat, and then turn on Back Up My Data switch to remotely back up the important Wi-Fi passwords and network settings periodically. This navigation path will also help you to automatically back up the personal information containing in apps or to factory reset the Android tablet.

How to Automatically Back Up Photos

Google Drive will give you lots of storage space and this is a great way to store photos in the cloud and in your preferred resolution. The more the resolution and quality, the more photos will consume the storage of Google Drive. To back up photos remotely, go to Google Photos app in your tablet, and then tap on the three horizontal lines to the top-left screen to go to Settings > Backup & Sync.

You could tweak the image quality by resolution and automatically back up the photos as well as video footages taken in the device’s camera only to Google Drive by turning on Backup & Sync and that will happen even when you are roaming as well.

To Backup & Sync screenshots, photos, as well as saved videos via WhatsApp, open Google Photos app and then tap on the three horizontal lines to the top-left screen to go to Device Folders. Then, open the specific video or photo and tap on the Google Cloud icon below the photo or video you want to back up in Android Nougat to Google Drive.

In fact, you can also manually back up the photos and videos as well by connecting the tablet to PC via USB cable. Copy the files containing in DCIM Folder of Android tablets and paste them in a desired location in PC to back up. Choose the convenient method of the two to back up the photos and videos in a refurbished tablet as per your wish.